What is it about the cycle of addiction that it is so difficult for people to break away? That’s a common question. Setting aside any possible psychological or mental issues, it’s the body and mind’s dependence on the drugs that create the problem. What we know about this reliance is how hard it is to overcome. Faced with troubling withdrawal symptoms, many addicted people cannot stop using. Eventually, something has to give, or the drug user will face serious repercussions. The best way to quit using and avoid severe withdrawal symptoms is a drug detox program.

What Is a Drug Detox Program?Pensive man looking out the window in need of a drug detox program

Drug detox is available either through a specialty Houston detox center or a full-service drug addiction treatment center such as Kemah Palms Recovery in Texas. Our addiction treatment professionals recommend a comprehensive drug detox program for any patients who might experience acute withdrawal symptoms when quitting. Medical professionals monitor the process to ensure client safety.

While many patients go through the detox process without much intervention, some patients need help. Drug withdrawal usually creates sleep issues as well as discomfort. Medical staff can prescribe medication for those kinds of problems to keep patients safe and comfortable. If a patient has a deep-rooted addiction to a substance like crack or heroin, more interventions could be necessary. That might include the use of tapering drugs like methadone. This type of detox process allows patients to wean themselves from harmful substances with minimal risks.

The Benefits of a Drug Detox Center

The cycle of addiction is a difficult thing to break. Doctors prescribe a drug detox program for two primary reasons. The first reason relates to helping patients deal with the ongoing cravings for their substance of choice. The second relates to preparing the patient for what lies ahead.

When it comes to comprehensive Houston substance abuse programs, a medical detox program is only the first step. Once the patient’s mind and body are clear of harmful substances, their ability to concentrate will improve. That’s important because the therapy portion of treatment demands clarity. Any residual toxins in the patient’s system could very well interfere with any attempt at treatment. With a clear mind and body, the patient should be able to commit and focus on therapy.

Addiction therapy services are the meat and potatoes of the addiction treatment process. The work a patient does during counseling will go a long way towards determining the success of recovery. Open communication leads to the discovery of why one abuses substances. Once issues have come to light, the counselor and patient can develop coping skills directed at those problems. With the proper coping skills, patients stand a good chance of a full and lasting recovery from their addiction.

Detox and Treatment at Kemah Palms Recovery

Along with a full menu of addiction treatment options in Houston, Kemah Palms is proud to offer an in-house drug detox center. This allows for continuity of treatment, which benefits both the patient and their counselors. We render our services through both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Our residential facility has 80-100 beds available for patients who want recovery. We prefer to treat each patient as a unique individual. With this in mind, our licensed counselors select one or more addiction treatment modalities that fit the patient’s needs. Some options include:

After treatment, we hope to maintain contact with our patients through a variety of aftercare programs.

The disease of addiction is insidious. Before it claims another victim, we exhort you to find the strength to admit you are helpless over your addiction. When you get to that point, you can rely on Kemah Palms to be there with the help you need. All you have to do to start down the road to recovery is call our drug detox center. The number is 866-604-1873. You deserve a chance to live the life you were always intended to live, drug-free. We can help you get there.