A handful of pills looks like it's leading to an opiate detox programMaybe you started abusing opiates because of pain. The doctor prescribed pills, and then your use of those pills spun out of control. Or perhaps you needed an escape from your everyday life struggles and turned to heroin. Whatever the reason for starting your substance abuse, your recovery begins with an opiate detox program.

Whether you abuse prescription painkillers or heroin, opiate addiction produces acute withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms start within hours of quitting your drug and last for at least a week. Some people also have lengthier withdrawal, with symptoms like anxiety and depression for several months.

Opiate detox helps you get through these hard times after quitting your drug. Detox also readies you for your next steps in treatment, with rehab. So where do you gain safe opiate detox and rehab? How do these services help you?

Safe Opiate Detox Near Houston

Near Houston, Texas, your opiate addiction comes to an end in Kemah. You safely withdraw from opiates in the comfort of an accredited detox and rehab facility called Kemah Palms Recovery. Medical detox also includes health monitoring, medications for your worst symptoms and creature comforts, including proper nutrition.

Your opiate withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting
  • Sleeplessness, muscle aches, and yawning
  • Running nose, teary eyes, and sweating
  • Agitation, anxiety, and depression
  • Fast pulse, high blood pressure, and fever
  • Drug cravings

These symptoms last about a week. Some people also have anxiety and other symptoms for several weeks or even months.

Being in a supervised detox facility, you also gain the help of caring healthcare professionals and experienced addiction treatment staff. This means safety from relapse, one of the most significant dangers of opiate withdrawal. Once you go through detox, you enter rehab treatment at Kemah Palms Recovery and undergo essential addiction therapy services for lasting recovery.

What Happens after an Opiate Detox Program?

After detox at Kemah Palms Recovery, you move into the rehab phase of your treatment. This rehab includes a wide range of therapies and other treatment methods. Your rehab at Kemah Palms includes:

  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • EMDR, MET, CBT and DBT
  • Psychotherapy and addiction counseling
  • Acupuncture, massage, meditation, and neurofeedback
  • Music, writing, art and yoga therapy

All of these activities and therapies keep you busy while you focus on your healing. That healing includes recovery for your mind, body, and spirit as part of holistic wellness. You also gain many skills and tools to keep your recovery strong after returning home.

Holistic Recovery in Kemah, Texas

Overcoming opiate addiction takes work. You can even say it takes practice, as every day you must keep yourself healthy and strong. You gain these skills in opiate addiction treatment programs designed for long-term, holistic wellness.

Kemah Palms Recovery changes your life. Your treatment team includes a physician, psychiatrist and primary counselor. Together, you and your team leave no stone unturned, to uncover why you started abusing substances and how you can prevent relapse going forward. You also set goals for recovery and start reaching those goals, guided by your unique treatment modalities.

One of the most important parts of recovery from opiates is chronic pain recovery. If you started abusing painkillers because of chronic pain, you need a chronic pain recovery program for that pain, too. That recovery includes psychological and physical elements for whole-person healing. You also learn to reduce or eliminate your pain without medication, as well as how to work through depression and anxiety that accompany your pain.

If you or someone you love suffers an addiction to opiates, you need the help of an accredited residential treatment center for the lasting recovery you deserve. Call Kemah Palms Recovery now at 866.604.1873. Through an opiate detox program and subsequent addiction treatment, you can have the life you want.