If you are struggling with opioid addiction, think about heading to an opioid detox center to get you started on your path to recovery. Opioid addiction can be hard to overcome; getting started at a detox center will give you the momentum you need to make the change. A big hang-up for people quitting opiates is the detoxing process, don’t let that part stop you from living the life you desire. An opioid or opiate detox center in Kemah, TX can help you find long-term fulfillment by guiding you through detox and into early recovery.

What an Opioid Detox Center Can Do For You

addiction group therapy occurs at an opioid detox centerIf you have ever been through opioid or opiate detox, you know that it is tough. Most people report feeling sicker than they have ever been in their whole lives. Granted, the detoxing process does not take all that long; it is still physically and mentally painful enough that people have a hard time sticking to it if they don’t find help. Here are some of the common symptoms of the detoxing process:

  • Nausea, vomiting, and headache
  • Muscle cramps and stomach cramps
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Hopelessness
  • Drug cravings
  • Sweats and chills

Depending on what type of opioids you were on, how much, and for how long will determine the amount of time that you will go through the detoxing process. The average time is about three days, with a range from a few hours to around a week.

If you choose to attend a medical detox program, they will make you as comfortable as they can through the process. Many facilities offer medication-assisted detox, so your symptoms will not be as bad as if you are going through it cold turkey.

Going to a facility will keep you from easily using again during withdrawal. Detox facilities will also open doors for you to further your recovery. Beginning in detox, you will then be exposed to different types of treatments that are available. Addiction and recovery education, as well as peer support groups, will be offered while you prepare to leave the center.

What to Expect at an Opioid Detox Center

When you first get to the opioid detox center in Kemah, TX, you will likely need to turn in your devices, and your belongings will then be checked for intoxicants. Additionally, the staff welcome you to the facility and show you your living space and the amenities. Finally, a doctor will assess your condition, and provide you with something to ease the pain if you require it.

Then, after your initial intake, you will join the rest of the people at the detox in activities. Activities at detox usually revolve around quitting your substance of choice. You should expect to be in:

One-on-one and group therapy will expose you to specific types of treatment. This can include:

Additionally, you can have some amount of downtime, or if you feel too ill, you may be left to yourself for a bit. However, patients should consider being proactive and as they carry out subsequent steps to their sobriety and engage in activities with others to rediscover interests in the sober world.

Detox at Kemah Palms Recovery

Kemah Palms is an opioid detox center located in Kemah, TX. We offer a safe addiction rehab center near Houston, TX. Detoxing at a center will give you the leg up that you need to get sober and stay sober over the long term. Give us a call today at 866.604.1873 to find out more.