Substance use disorders affect millions of people every year. Although men seek treatment more than women, they don’t always get the help they need. In fact, men are more likely to relapse after rehab than women. However, rehab for men can fill the gap and provide unique care for males.

Factors That Lead to Male Substance Abuse

Concerned man with fist to mouth considering rehab for men but cannot find a mens rehab program in HoustonAlong with having an increased risk for relapse, men tend to have more severe addictions than women. Several factors contribute to how substances affect them.

Starting to use drugs at an early age increases the risk for addiction. It just so happens that men tend to begin using earlier in life than women. Also, their mental development and overall growth suffer because of drugs.

Using substances can make men feel like they belong among their friends. It can even give them a sort of social promotion. When the acceptance period is over, however, they can develop emotional, mental and physical problems.

The environments in which men live and spend most of their time are a critical issue as well. Family and society can cause too much stress for some men to handle. They turn to drugs for relief even though it’s only temporary. By attending a mens rehab program in Houston, they can learn alternative methods for dealing with stress.

Risks for Men Who Use Drugs

Men also face unique risks when they develop substance use disorders. Domestic abuse is one of the most common problems. Alcohol abuse is the culprit more often than other drugs.

Drug-related crimes are also a standard issue among men who abuse substances. In fact, the majority of people who authorities convict for drug trafficking are men. They also account for a significant portion of those involved in drug-related vehicle accidents. Aside from alcohol, they often drive under the influence of illegal, prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Believe it or not, men with drug problems are at a high risk for depression and suicide, too. Prescription and illegal drugs are typically the cause. The reason is that the substances leave men feeling let down or in pain when they wear off.

Health issues are a concern for men as well. Certain cancers and heart disease are common. Men could also develop sexual conditions such as impotence, sterility and sexually transmitted diseases.

Why Seek a Rehab for Men?

Men often hesitate to seek treatment for addiction because of pressure from society to be strong. When they get help, they may still feel this pressure in a co-ed environment.

Being around women makes it hard for men to open up about their experiences and emotions. The reason is that they tend to feel like others judge them. If men try to fill the void that drugs leave with intimacy, then women can be a distraction too.

A high-quality mens rehab program in Houston removes some of these issues. Men don’t feel the pressure from society or judgment from the opposite sex. Instead, they can see that other men struggle like they do, which helps them open up and break free. They can also focus better on recovery without the possible intimate distraction from women.

Services That a Mens Rehab Program in Houston Should Provide

When men search for rehab centers, they should look for facilities that personalize every treatment plan. Men may use drugs for similar reasons and face many of the same risks, but each situation is different. Doctors, nurses, and therapists must create a course of treatment that addresses these unique needs.

Every treatment plan needs to include relapse prevention training and planning. Since men are more likely to relapse than women, it’s essential for them to know how to avoid it. Offering aftercare and sober living helps men with the transition from rehab to society, which is when relapse is most common. The continued treatment and support improve the chances for long-term recovery.

Rehab for men must also deal with cases of depression and suicidal thoughts or attempts. Addressing underlying issues such as anxiety or bipolar disorders is essential too. Men also gain the training to handle drug-related anger, crime, and violence.

Get Thorough Treatment at Our Mens Rehab Program in Houston

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Kemah Palms Recovery uses evidence-based and holistic treatment methods. Our traditional therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, one-on-one and group therapy, and relapse prevention therapy. Art, music, writing, and yoga therapies are part of our holistic approach.

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