If you are dealing with a substance abuse problem, there will come a time you need to address your issues. Addiction takes no prisoners. If given enough time, your addiction stands to take everything good from your life. You must know that your life is at risk every time you abuse a dangerous substance. The good news is you have many other options. You don’t have to settle for a life that deteriorates over time. Instead, you can get quality addiction therapy services from Kemah Palms Recovery.

About Kemah Palms Recovery

Two people in an individual counseling session, just one of the addiction therapy services offered.Recovery is a very personal process. By the time you are ready to ask for help, you want the best treatment possible. You want to know you can find the kind of addiction therapy services that work. At Kemah Palms Recovery, we put our focus on your health and welfare.

Our facility sits in the small community of Kemah, Texas, which is just to the southeast of Houston. By keeping our patients away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, they can better focus on recovery. The quiet atmosphere around our facility only serves to enhance the entire recovery process.

As a progressive rehab facility, we prefer to treat each of our patients as individuals. Back in the day, many rehab facilities treated patients with a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. Today, patients receive more individualized attention. The cookie-cutter approach fails to recognize the uniqueness of each patient. It’s for this reason that we provide a full range of treatment modalities.

About Our Addiction Therapy Services

We are proud to offer our patients a comprehensive list of treatment options. Regardless of your particular situation, we have a treatment modality that matches your needs. The list of services ranges from traditional treatment options to progressive, holistic modalities. This helps our professional staff address all of a patient’s needs.

Addiction treatment usually begins with detox. Our clinicians prescribe this process for any patients who need time to remove residual substances from their system. A professional medical staff manages our in-house detox option. At all times, our goal is to make sure our patients are comfortable and safe from their withdrawal symptoms.

After detox, we match each patient with one or more counselors. The counselor’s job is to determine which treatment option will help the patient get to a lasting recovery. As indicated above, you, as a patient, will need to commit to your recovery. Our job is to guide you in that direction with one or more of the following addiction therapy services and treatment programs. This list is far from comprehensive. It merely features some of our most prominent options. The list includes:

General Information

We offer our services for both residential patients and on an outpatient basis. For patients with chronic pain issues that might have led to addiction, we have a unique program. Using the renowned Dr. Flowers chronic pain recovery program, we can help patients deal with pain without addictive medications. Above all else, we have designed our addiction therapy services model to help you and other patients find recovery.

If you are dealing with an addiction and want help, you can get the best help possible at Kemah Palms Recovery. Using a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we connect you with a treatment program that works. The most important step you can take is picking up the phone and calling us at 866-604-1873. Don’t let addiction ruin your life. Working together, there’s an excellent chance you can recover from your addiction. In the process, you will get the opportunity live a good life without reliance on drugs and alcohol.