Recognizing Alcohol Awareness Month 2021

man on bench during alcohol awareness month

An alcohol use disorder isn’t just something that happens to other people. Rather, many good people are currently struggling with the condition. Alcohol Awareness Month creates an opportunity for communication, soul-searching, and honesty. How will you spend this month?

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

Organizers of Alcohol Awareness Month 2019 point out that one in 12 Americans struggles with an alcohol use disorder. Because it’s a chronic disease that progresses without treatment, it’s vital to seek out help. However, the presence of stigma keeps many people who need help in the shadows. As a result, this realization underscores the importance of Alcohol Awareness Month.

The month kicks off with an alcohol-free weekend. If you’re wondering whether your alcohol consumption might be problematic, it’s an excellent reality check. For Alcohol Awareness Month 2019, spend April 5 through April 7 without having a drop of alcohol. For example, if you typically relax in front of the TV with a beer, choose a soft drink.

When you go out to happy hour after work on Fridays, consider making yourself the designated driver. By Sunday evening, take stock of the weekend. How did it go? Were you okay without drinking alcoholic beverages?

Maybe you found that you were thinking a lot about having a drink. Did you even make it through the entire weekend? If you caved, it’s fair to say that you could have a drinking problem. Working with an alcohol rehab center in Houston is your best option to find out for sure.

How Rehab Assists with Recovery from an Alcohol Use Disorder

Therapists understand what you’re going through. They know that you didn’t mean to develop the dependency. Maybe you’re dealing with tremendous stress and needed a way to switch off the thoughts and emotions. Alcohol seemed to be the right answer.

Besides that, it’s so easy to buy. You didn’t think that dependency could happen to you. Now, you need help with overcoming the condition. At rehab, therapists guide you toward long-term recovery.

They use treatments that are relevant to your needs. Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that lets you make changes to your coping mechanisms to encourage healthy actions
  • Family therapy, which helps loved ones understand how to be the support network that you need right now
  • Group psychotherapy that promotes openness and accountability in a peer setting
  • Meditation, which encourages you to learn healthy ways of managing stress, frustration, and anger
  • Physical fitness and nutritional counseling that guide you back to a healthy lifestyle

Relapse prevention training is an essential aspect of the program as well. It focuses on what happens after you graduate from rehab. Almost all clients choose to continue with support group meetings that take the places of group therapy. Therefore, Alcohol Awareness Month 2019 could be the ideal opportunity to find out what your needs are.

Who Can Help?

If Alcohol Awareness Month was an eye opener, Kemah Palms Recovery® therapists want to help. There’s no condemnation but only help. Call 855-568-0218 today to find out how to begin the healing process.