How to Treat Anxiety Chest Pain Related to Addiction


Do you suffer anxiety chest pain? Is your anxiety so far out of control that you self-medicate or live in addiction? Anxiety commonly accompanies addiction or even prompts substance abuse to start. Regardless of the type of pain or mental conditions you suffer along with substance abuse, you can unlock doors to a better, pain-free way of life.

What Causes Anxiety Chest Pain?

Anxiety brings on a collection of symptoms, such as fear, irritability, and feeling short of breath. One of the most common symptoms is chest pain. This pain, along with many other types of pain or mental illness, leads many people to start self-medicating using drugs or alcohol. In essence, self-medication is an effort to make the pain go away.

When you experience an anxiety attack, your body goes into an emergency management mode. Called “fight or flight,” this condition involves breathing rapidly, often hyperventilating. Without thinking, you start expanding and contracting the blood vessels in your lungs. These responses cause tightening of muscles and rapid flow of adrenaline.

Together, all of these symptoms cause anxiety chest pain. You feel like you are having a heart attack, as these symptoms mimic a heart attack. This chest pain leads many people into the emergency room. If you have suffered multiple anxiety episodes like this, maybe you started drinking or using drugs to avoid the symptoms.

How to Treat Anxiety Chest Pain

It takes several minutes for your body to calm after your anxiety attack. During this time you continue feeling tightness or pain in the chest that feels alarming. To help stop the pain, try to relax and calm yourself. Try deep breathing exercises, repeating a soothing mantra or taking yourself away from the situation causing you anxiety.

Many people find it helpful to close their eyes and focus on relaxing or meditating. Others perform yoga therapy poses to center themselves after an anxiety attack. Find what calms you and use that method to reduce chest pain during your next anxiety attack.

Bringing an End to Your Anxiety Attacks

Prevention is better than dealing with anxiety attacks after they happen. Rehab treatment for your anxiety and substance abuse helps you prevent these from happening in the first place. Anxiety often accompanies substance abuse or addiction and vice versa. So whether your addiction came first or your substance abuse started to soothe your anxiety chest pain, you need help from a quality rehab program.

Rehab programs and methods that treat anxiety along with addiction include:

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