Get Clean with Heroin Rehab in South Houston

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Heroin addiction is a serious problem in America. The number of heroin-related deaths has quadrupled since 2010, and it’s important that people suffering from addiction get help as soon as possible. Heroin rehab in South Houston can be an option for those looking to get clean and sober.  The whole story of the opioid epidemic…

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Drug Detox in South Houston: The Ultimate Guide

intravenous drug use houston

If you’ve been struggling with addiction for years and you finally decide to put an end to it. It sounds like a good idea in your head, but when you try to go through with it, things get difficult. Suddenly, the withdrawal symptoms set in and you want nothing more than for them to stop.…

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Dangers of Binge Drinking

a man feeling sick from experiencing the dangers of binge drinking

Binge drinking is one of the most common patterns of excessive alcohol use. Unlike heavy drinking, which entails consuming a large amount of alcohol regularly over time, binge drinking is consuming high amounts of alcohol within two hours or less. There are many dangers of binge drinking, including the risk of developing alcohol abuse disorder.…

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What Are the Stages of Addiction

a man drinking water thinking about the stages of addiction

Substance addiction does not happen overnight. There are stages of addiction that occur over time, from casual to recreational use and, finally, dependency. During this time, the addicted person may change behavior and become less responsible. His or her habits may lead to problems in their relationships, workplace, and finances. At worst, substance abuse leads…

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Why Go to A Medical Drug Detox

a woman talking to her doctor about medical drug detox

The first step towards recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is going through the medical drug detox process. Detoxification is a critical starting point because it tackles the physical effects of addiction. A person struggling with the physical symptoms of drug denial cannot effectively tackle the mental triggers or health problems that lead to addiction.…

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Alcohol and Your Mental Health

a young woman thinking about alcohol and mental health

In the short-term, using alcohol can improve your sense of relaxation and mood and reduce certain kinds of anxiety, like social anxiety. In the long-term, however, the relationship between alcohol and mental health quickly turns negative, being responsible for a range of issues from depression and memory loss to suicide. People who seek help with…

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Getting Depression & Addiction Help for A Loved One

a woman trying to figure out depression help for a loved one

Depression is a mental health condition that affects millions of people globally. Out of those, around several million are adults in the USA who have had at least one depressive episode since 2014. Getting depression help for a loved one can be difficult, but living with depression is even more difficult. However, depression is a…

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Understanding Behavioral Addictions

a woman concerned about her loved one's behavioral addictions

One can have many kinds of addictions, not just addiction to drugs or substances. Behavioral addictions can be equally debilitating, and they can affect the quality of life of the addict. In theory, people can get addicted to many seemingly healthy habits to the point where they affect their productivity or daily life activities. They…

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Get Involved with National Addiction Recovery Month

a group of friends meeting at a coffee during national recovery month

The National Recovery Month is celebrated in September each year. This month is a landmark period for stakeholders in the substance abuse and rehabilitation field, as they gather to raise awareness about recovery from substance use and addiction. During this period, the larger community is invited to learn more about addiction recovery and how best…

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