Best Houston Drug Rehab Center for Young Adults

Houston Drug Rehab Center for Young Adults

Thousands of young adults across the country struggle with addiction every day.

In fact, the rate of substance abuse among people between 18 and 30 has increased over several decades. However, young adult rehab programs can guide them to recovery. Knowing what to expect in rehab can make the process less intimidating for them.

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Drugs That Young Adults Commonly Abuse and Why

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Young adults abuse many different types of drugs.

However, they tend to use several of them more than others. These include alcohol, cannabis and prescription drugs such as opioids, stimulants, and benzodiazepines. Cocaine and heroin are in the top five, although inhalants and hallucinogens are common too.

In a lot of cases, young adults don’t fully understand the risks of certain drugs before they use them. Sure, they probably know about alcohol, cocaine and heroin addictions. However, they don’t realize how quickly the disease can develop. Also, they might not know that other drugs have similar effects that make them a risk for addiction as well.

Some young adults might start abusing drugs without even considering the consequences. Peer pressure and stress are major causes, especially for those who are in college or beginning new careers. They might also use drugs to improve their ability to study or their performance at work. Some of them abuse drugs to relieve the symptoms of underlying mental health disorders too.

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