a group therapy session discussing what is rehab

What is Rehab?

Millions of Americans suffer from alcohol use disorder and the number seems to increase every day. Many people do not seek out the help that they need for their alcoholism. The ones that do often do not know where to start. you have been struggling with alcohol addiction, you probably have a lot of questions….

intravenous drug use houston

Drug Detox in Houston: The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve been struggling with addiction for years and you finally decide to put an end to it. It sounds like a good idea in your head, but when you try to go through with it, things get difficult. Suddenly, the withdrawal symptoms set in and you want nothing more than for them to stop….

man wondering about methadone detox

Heroin Addiction and Methadone Detox

Heroin is a very dangerous and addictive painkiller. It’s relatively cheap to buy, so people who develop an opiate addiction switch to it to save money. However, they can still spend hundreds of dollars a day to maintain their habit. Those with heroin addiction could save their lives and money if they enter a methadone…

a man connecting the dots in his head about the connection between divorce and addiction

Understanding the Link Between Divorce and Addiction

Navigating a divorce is a life-changing experience that is often clouded by the feeling of loss. Feelings of sorrow, pain, irritability, insecurity, and depression are not uncommon. Like other forms of loss, going through a divorce can feel overwhelming as you try to plan a future and redefine your life without your spouse. Considering the…

glass of alcohol on table while man sleeps on his arms on table wondering is alcoholism is disease

Is Alcoholism a Disease?

One of the most debated questions, “Is Alcoholism a Disease?” continues to be a topic that treatment professionals and scientists explore regularly. There is a lot of confusion about the term disease and what that means in addiction. This confusion can affect your decision to visit an alcohol addiction treatment center in Kemah TX. However, if you…

daughter mother and grandmother talking about addiction, how to talk to family about addiction

How To Talk To Family About Addiction Treatment

How To Talk To Family About Addiction Treatment Deciding to get help is such a huge step, and you should be proud of yourself. The first step is informing your loved ones about what you are going through. On that account, you might be wondering how to talk to family about addiction. Well, here are…

a man taking a shot wondering is alcohol a drug

Is Alcohol a Drug?

Is alcohol a drug? Very few people would say that alcohol is a drug, but it comfortably fits the definition of a drug. A drug is any substance that has a physiological effect when consumed. Although alcohol might be a socially accepted substance in moderation, we should still treat it like a drug. Because alcohol…

How to Get Joint Pain Relief Without Drugs

Are you looking for joint pain relief? You probably already talked to your doctor about it. There’s a good chance that this healthcare provider was quick to prescribe pain pills. What if there was a pain relief that didn’t involve addictive drugs? Looking for Joint Pain Relief in the Wrong Places Joint pain is typically…

a picture of pill containers showing the most abused prescription drugs

What are the Most Abused Prescription Drugs?

In recent years, the nation has seen an explosion in prescription medication abuse. Many experts now consider this to be one of the worst drug epidemics the country has ever experienced. In fact, this is something that should trouble us all. At this time, it’s safe to say that the most abused prescription drugs are…

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Anxiety Induced Drug Use During Covid-19

Anxiety Treatment During COVID-19 During coronavirus quarantine, many employers are either having employees work remotely or stay home until restrictions are lifted. This can make it difficult to continue enjoying hobbies and spending time with friends, especially if your social life involves going out. Staying at home for prolonged periods can also cause symptoms of…

Civil Disagreement Tips for Addiction Treatment

Anyone coming out of substance abuse has extensive experience with disagreement. You disagreed with friends who told you you were overdoing it. You disagreed with authorities who said recreational drugs were bad for everyone. You disagreed with your own conscience when you “borrowed” to finance your habit. You disagreed with your better judgment and insisted…

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The Rehab with the Best Pain Management Doctors

When you started taking painkillers, you did not expect to suffer addiction on top of your chronic pain. You merely wanted help from the best pain management doctors in TX. You received a prescription and started taking your pain pills. At first, these pills helped with your pain, but soon you found yourself struggling with…