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Holistic Drug Rehab Centers in Houston

The city of Houston is home to dozens of drug rehab centers. Because of that, you might struggle to separate one from the other. Knowing the difference between traditional and holistic services is an excellent place to start. Then, you can decide if one of the holistic drug rehab centers in South Houston is right…

National CRPS Awareness Month

It’s hard to fathom how difficult it must be to deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. Most of us know how it feels to stub a toe, but taking that pain to the nth degree is unimaginable. Most of the time, we’re lucky painkillers exist to give us temporary relief from pain issues….

a woman talking to her doctor about medical drug detox

Why Go to A Medical Drug Detox

The first step towards recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is going through the medical drug detox process. Detoxification is a critical starting point because it tackles the physical effects of addiction. A person struggling with the physical symptoms of drug denial cannot effectively tackle the mental triggers or health problems that lead to addiction….

Twelve Ways Be Merry and Sober

Today and next week, our “12 Steps” series takes a hiatus to acknowledge Christmas and New Year’s. In a nod to the “12” in “12 Steps” (and to the “Twelve Days of Christmas”), the holiday posts will consist of Top 12 lists instead of the standard Top 10.  Today, you don’t have to worry about…

What is Step 3 of the 12 Steps Program?

Step Three of the 12 Steps: We made a decision to turn our will and lives over to the care of God, as we understood him. Step Three of the 12 Steps is the natural follow-up to Steps One and Two. First, we admit that we’ve lost control (Step 1). Then we acknowledge belief in…

a person hiking while thinking about setting goals

Setting Goals in Addiction Recovery

Once you’re detoxed, self-evaluated, and feeling hopeful for a substance-free future, it’s time to clarify your vision for that future. Few things are as universally advocated as setting goals during substance abuse treatment. Yet, even the healthiest people struggle to define what those concepts mean for them. As the saying goes, “If it were easy,…

How to Avoid Relapse During Thanksgiving

The annual holiday season brings stress to many people and even entire families. We all reflect fondly on this time of year, but also look forward to the season’s end to get back into a routine. If you’re newly sober, one concern you likely have is how to avoid relapse during Thanksgiving. Is this easier…

heroin overdoses spike

Spikes in Heroin Overdoses

Louisville, Kentucky, Sees Spike in Heroin Overdoses Over the course of 32 hours, Louisville, Kentucky, authorities received 52 calls about heroin overdoses. The staggering numbers exhibit the epidemic in many areas of the U.S.[

Civil Disagreement Tips for Addiction Treatment

Anyone coming out of substance abuse has extensive experience with disagreement. You disagreed with friends who told you you were overdoing it. You disagreed with authorities who said recreational drugs were bad for everyone. You disagreed with your own conscience when you “borrowed” to finance your habit. You disagreed with your better judgment and insisted…

a man going through painkiller withdrawal symptoms

How Dangerous are Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms?

Deciding to stop using addictive painkillers like codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone is a big step. Reclaiming control of your life without reliance on prescription pain relief is hard. The American Society of Addiction Medicine reported in 2016 that 2 million US adults were addicted to painkillers. One hurdle holding many back from treatment is withdrawal…

friends with joined hands raised in the air, core values to guide recovery

Core Values to Guide Addiction Recovery

Chronic pain impacts every part of your life. Chronic pain can cause depression and anxiety. It can limit your mobility and ability to function. Managing chronic pain can lead to a dependency on prescription pain medication. If you or a loved one is dealing with substance abuse, recovery is possible. You can live a life…

What is Step 12 of the 12 Steps Program?

Step 12 of the 12 Steps: Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other addicts, and to practice these principles in all our affairs. On the path to Step 12 of the 12 Steps, most recovering substance abusers go through a “missionary phase” of…