Drug Rehab

Map of the US and with pills scattered on it showing the Opioid Epidemic

What Caused the Opioid Epidemic and How to Meet Its Challenges

Each year, tens of thousands of people die due to the opioid epidemic. For each person who dies from an overdose, there are hundreds more who survive because of the lifesaving medication Narcan. Although most first responders now carry this overdose-reversal medication, we need solutions to help people who are struggling with an opioid addiction….

man focuses and looks out window during national recovery month

National Addiction Recovery Month

Did you know that September is National Recovery Month? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has designated the month of September to promote recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. SAMHSA leads public health efforts to reduce the impact of addiction on individuals, families, and communities. Through National Recovery Month 2019 Kemah Palms…

Recognize Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

The decision to stop using heroin is not an easy one to make. To begin with, heroin and other opioids create a most devious addiction. The fact an addiction can appear within a couple weeks of taking the first dose is a testament to just how insidious this drug is. As someone contemplates climbing out…

How to Treat Anxiety Chest Pain Related to Addiction

Do you suffer anxiety chest pain? Is your anxiety so far out of control that you self-medicate or live in addiction? Anxiety commonly accompanies addiction or even prompts substance abuse to start. Regardless of the type of pain or mental conditions you suffer along with substance abuse, you can unlock doors to a better, pain-free…