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man taking pills may be wondering is drug addiction a choice

Is Drug Addiction a Choice?

Addiction is an unhealthy coping method for individuals experiencing high-risk situations. High-risk situations create stress and trigger addictive behaviors. Instead of turning to friends and family, those who are struggling with addiction seek relief in substances. This may lead some to wonder, “Is drug addiction a choice?” These substances temporarily alleviate the negative feelings caused…

a doctor discussing the best inpatient pain rehabilitation centers in Texas with a patient

Find the Best Inpatient Pain Rehabilitation Centers in Texas

Acute pain is a condition that hurts for a little while and then goes away. Chronic pain is a discomfort that persists. Common complaints include low back pain, arthritis, and nerve pains. If that’s what you’re dealing with, isn’t it time to find the best inpatient pain rehabilitation centers in Texas? At Kemah Palms, we…

people hugging in therapy, overcoming codependency

Overcoming Codependency in Addiction Recovery

Has someone told you that you’re codependent, or do you suspect that you might have this problem? The chances are that you do if you are looking into it. Overcoming codependency is essential in having successful relationships and preventing relapses if you are seeking treatment for substance abuse. Overcoming Codependency and Addiction Codependency and addiction are…

therapy group discusses symptoms of a panic attack vs an anxiety attack

Addiction Help: Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack

People often wonder what is a panic attack vs anxiety attack. The terms are very similar, and symptoms can often look like each other. However, both often indicate the presence of an underlying mental health disorder. Left untreated, symptoms from these disorders can quickly become debilitating and affect your daily life. Treating underlying emotions with…

What is Step 1 of the 12 Steps Program?

Following up last week’s post on The 12 Steps, this week begins a series of posts that examine each of the steps in more detail. Step One of the 12 Steps: We admitted that we were powerless over our addiction–that our lives had become unmanageable. “I can handle it” is one of humanity’s favorite phrases; most of…

Growing Pains in Addiction Recovery

For some, recovery from chronic substance abuse is a straightforward matter of tossing away the bottle, going cold turkey for a few days, and then returning to the old normal life. The former abuser who finds things so simple is the exception, though. Most substance-abuse problems start with a desire to escape the “old normal”…

woman undergoing psychotherapy during rehab

How Does Psychotherapy Help Addiction Treatment

Suffering addiction is just that, suffering. This disease takes its toll on your life. The root of your addiction exists in your history, environment, background, and biology. This history proves why you need psychotherapy during rehab treatment. You need to address the problems of your past so you can build a better future. The Role…

woman kicking back relaxing because she knows how to accept yourself

Accepting Yourself is the First Step of Addiction Treatment

Most substance abuse begins with a desire to escape pain. That pain can be physical; situational (due to an undesirable living situation, an unpleasant life transition, or excessive everyday stress); mental, or emotional. With emotional pain, the most common underlying issues are loss; rejection and loneliness; guilt; a sense of failure; and low self-esteem, which…

a group at a faith based addiction treatment center

Should You Choose a Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Center?

What Is a Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Center? While many rehab centers have the necessary resources to help clients recover. A faith-based addiction treatment program in Texas will help clients plug into a higher power. This type of recovery program focuses on restoring your relationship with God as the center simultaneously treats you for your addiction….

man practices mindfulness for addiction recovery

How to Combat Addiction with Mindfulness

“Mindfulness creates space around our pain” (Kemah Palms CEO James Flowers). Mindfulness reduces the desperate feeling that instant relief is everything and self-medication is the easiest option. Being mindful lessens cravings, decrease tension, and tame the attitudes that feed unhealthy habits. Mindfulness is, at heart, a way of accepting oneself and the way things are….

substance abuse statistics

Substance Abuse Statistics in the United States

Substance abuse is a serious problem affecting millions of people. Various organizations track substance abuse statistics each year to get an idea of each drug’s effect on society and any potential trends. They use this information to try to prevent more people from becoming addicted. What Are the Statistics on Substance Abuse? In 2017, 19.7…

therapy circle with people putting arms around each others shoulders, healthcare professional addiction treatment center kemah tx

A Healthcare Professional Addiction Treatment Center in Kemah, TX

Benefits of a Healthcare Professional Addiction Treatment Center in Kemah, TX Addiction affects every aspect of your life, including your mental state and your physical health. When you’re ready to seek help, make sure that your treatment center addresses both your body and your mind. You need the expertise of a healthcare professional addiction treatment…