Texas Drug & Alcohol Detox Articles

woman sitting on a couch thinking about detoxing at home

A Guide to Detoxing at Home

Many cases of drug addiction come from a need to self-medicate due to a painful physical condition. Do you suffer from back pains, neck strain, knee discomfort, or some other issue that has you in agony? Sometimes, you get to a place where you will take or do anything to get rid of some of…

a woman talking to her doctor about medical drug detox

Why Go to A Medical Drug Detox

The first step towards recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is going through the medical drug detox process. Detoxification is a critical starting point because it tackles the physical effects of addiction. A person struggling with the physical symptoms of drug denial cannot effectively tackle the mental triggers or health problems that lead to addiction….

woman holding head distressed at the beginning of the benzo withdrawal timeline

What Benzo Withdrawal Timeline Can You Expect?

The benzo withdrawal symptoms timeline can take a year to run its course. Benzo detox and rehab programs are essential to recovery. Drug cravings are just some of the many psychological symptoms you can experience during withdrawal. Psychological symptoms make it difficult to stay sober when you haven’t received cognitive behavioral therapy. Drug addiction treatment…

therapy circle, preparing for detox treatment

Preparing for Detox Treatment

Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction may be hard, but it is gratifying in the end. Once you have committed to that decision, the next step is signing up for a detox and rehabilitation program. Before a medical detox treatment takes place, many newcomers feel intimidated about what to expect. They shouldn’t be. When you…

man wondering about methadone detox

Heroin Addiction and Methadone Detox

Heroin is a very dangerous and addictive painkiller. It’s relatively cheap to buy, so people who develop an opiate addiction switch to it to save money. However, they can still spend hundreds of dollars a day to maintain their habit. Those with heroin addiction could save their lives and money if they enter a methadone…

a man going through painkiller withdrawal symptoms

How Dangerous are Painkiller Withdrawal Symptoms?

Deciding to stop using addictive painkillers like codeine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone is a big step. Reclaiming control of your life without reliance on prescription pain relief is hard. The American Society of Addiction Medicine reported in 2016 that 2 million US adults were addicted to painkillers. One hurdle holding many back from treatment is withdrawal…

a young woman in bed suffering from drug withdrawal symptoms

Dangers of Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Addiction can control everything you do in life. There comes a point in most people’s addiction when they realize they need help. They realize they can not allow their addiction to take over their lives any longer. This is the point where you decide to quit using drugs. However, you are apprehensive about the drug…

Recognize Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

The decision to stop using heroin is not an easy one to make. To begin with, heroin and other opioids create a most devious addiction. The fact an addiction can appear within a couple weeks of taking the first dose is a testament to just how insidious this drug is. As someone contemplates climbing out…

man wondering about alcohol withdrawal timeline

What is a Typical Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline?

Would it surprise you to know the possibility of alcohol withdrawal acts as a deterrent for some people wanting help? It’s true. Some people choose to keep drinking instead of having to deal with harsh alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In reality, alcohol withdrawal does have the potential of causing problems. Just the same, that should never…