Chronic neck pain debilitates you. It starts small. Over time, it affects all aspects of your daily life. Working with specialists at a neck pain treatment center could be the answer.

Understanding the Makeup of Neck Pain

Woman holding on to neck looks like she needs a neck pain treatment centerMany people first notice that the neck muscles tighten. Besides that, some spasms occur randomly. You may suffer from headaches and a limited range of motion. The pain worsens as you go about your daily tasks at work.

At first, you try to ignore the discomfort. Because everyone deals with this type of problem occasionally, you don’t think about talking to a neck pain treatment center. Eventually, the discomfort and limitations worsen to such an extent that you’re considering neck pain treatment. Most will start with a visit to their primary care physicians.

Painkillers Aren’t Pain Treatments

Your doctor can’t find anything wrong. He or she may mention that you have poor posture while sitting at your desk. She or he prescribes opioid pain pills and may suggest some neck exercises.  For many, this is the extent of their neck pain treatment. Before you know it, you need opiate addiction treatment.

What Happens at a Neck Pain Treatment Center?

Finally, you had enough of treating the symptoms. Many people in your position now seek out the neck pain treatment center at Kemah Palms Recovery. There, you consult with experts in the field. They begin with an in-depth examination.

Therapists will ask you to describe the range of symptoms you’re experiencing as well as areas of localization. This step enables them to target neck pain treatment to the causes of the condition. Indeed, poor posture is a primary cause in many situations. That said, there are also other problems such as nerve compression, auto accident-related injuries, and joint problems.

Next, they will put together a treatment protocol. Possible modalities include:

  • Neurofeedback therapy that lets you work with your body to restore your range of motion
  • Acupuncture therapy for pain relief through increases in blood flow and endorphin release
  • Nutritional therapy and support, which help you to focus on nutrients that strengthen your body
  • Psychotherapy as a means for dealing with stressors that affect you physiologically
  • Massage therapy that promotes muscle relaxation and a decrease in physical tension
  • Meditation therapy, which helps you handle stressors through breathing exercises and visualizations
  • Yoga therapy because it offers a combination of breathing exercises, stretches, and light exercise

Neck pain treatment center therapists recognize that discomfort calls for a multi-pronged approach. Most importantly, the treatments must be sustainable. That means that you can continue them after discharge. The trick here is to find the right combination of modalities.

What Happens If You Started with Opioid Pain Pills?

Many who come to Kemah Palms Recovery find that opioid painkillers aren’t a viable long-term solution. They asked for neck pain treatment but received pills that mask the symptoms. The discomfort is still there. For a large number, it’s getting worse.

You may be scared about the pain that’s progressively limiting your daily activities. However, you also worry about the pain pill habit that’s creating undesirable side effects. You’ve tried cutting back, but there are painful withdrawal symptoms. Many program participants don’t realize that the drugs hooked them until they decide to quit using them.

There’s a good chance that you also need help for the chemical dependency. Once again, Kemah Palms Recovery can help. Compassionate therapists work with you through detox and handling withdrawal symptoms. You won’t have to suffer pain because you’re ending the use of narcotics.

You May Not Have to Undergo Inpatient Treatment

Some program participants travel to our chronic pain recovery center in Texas and live at the facility for a while. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the therapeutic atmosphere. Similarly, your continued presence enables therapists to adjust modalities as you experience changes in your needs. However, there are other options, too.

An intensive outpatient program works well when you live nearby. You attend therapeutic interventions at the facility throughout the day. Doing so also enables you to rest and de-stress. At night, you return home.

Don’t take risky opioids that may cause more harm than good. The neck pain treatment center at Kemah Palms Recovery could be a better option. Find out what it’s all about. Call 866-604-1873 today.