Cocaine Detox Center in South Houston

When you discontinue using cocaine, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. While some symptoms may be mild, others could be more severe or even life-threatening. Kemah Palms offers comprehensive care for withdrawal symptoms at our cocaine detox center. Our medical detox center in South Houston provides a safe and comfortable environment for you to get clean.

Physician-assisted detox increases your chances of getting through detox and moving forward to a full recovery. Although the side effects of cocaine withdrawal can feel devastating, you can get through them with professional help and support. You do not have to quit alone.

Why You Need Professional Help for Cocaine Detox

The longer you use cocaine, the more your body forms a dependence on the drug. When you quit, you will feel intense physical and psychological side effects, including:

  • Fatigue and an overall feeling of being completely drained
  • Severe depression or dysphoria
  • Anxiety, stress, and irritability
  • A drastic change in appetite or sleep patterns
  • Intense cravings

These symptoms can last up to ten weeks. They reach their peak two to three days after you quit and then slowly diminish. For this reason, you need to seek medical supervision to help you manage the symptoms. A Kemah Palms treatment specialist can monitor you to make sure that you are not in any physical danger during the early stage of a drug detox program.

female doctor talking to male patient in a cocaine detox center

Your Cocaine Detox Timeline

The cocaine detox center in Kemah, TX provides the staff, facilities, and treatment programs that you need as you are going through detox. How long it takes you to complete this early stage of treatment depends on a wide range of factors, including the severity and length of your addiction.

Therefore, your detox timeline may vary. On average, here is what you can expect when you quit using cocaine.

Phase 1: The Crash

The first phase of detox is known as the “Cocaine Crash.” The crash typically lasts two to seven days. How deeply you crash depends on how much cocaine you have done and how you ingested the drug (snorting, smoking, etc.). When you crash, you either want to sleep all the time, or you cannot sleep at all.

Phase 2: Cravings and Anxiety

Once you finally crash, you will eventually start to feel better physically. However, your body may want to catch up on some much-needed rest. So, do not be surprised if you feel lethargic. Also, cravings will continue for a while. This will bring on anxiety and some agitation. The cravings will get worse before they start to go away. You can expect this phase to last one to four weeks.

Phase 3: Early Recovery

The dark cloud that hung over your cocaine addiction treatment is finally starting to disappear. Your cravings are less intense, and you feel physically and mentally better. You have energy and are ready to move forward with your rehab. Keep in mind that your triggers and cravings never really go away, which is why you will need continued treatment.

A Cocaine Rehab Center Near You

Our cocaine detox center offers a comprehensive program that includes detox, rehab, and aftercare. The detox program includes:

  • Initial evaluation and assessment
  • Supervised medical detox and professional management of withdrawal symptoms
  • Counseling and education
  • Discharge planning with recommendations for further treatment

During detox, we monitor you 24/7 to ensure that you are safe and comfortable as you go through your withdrawal symptoms. We provide a combination of evidence-based treatment and holistic therapy.

To find out more about our cocaine detox center, contact Kemah Palms today. We offer complete treatment that guides you through every stage of recovery. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a treatment specialist.