Using Expressive Arts as Addiction Therapy

group of people watch another person paint in expressive arts therapy

Have you ever felt that if you could just express what was bothering you, then you would be able to move forward and heal? If so, then you would benefit greatly from expressive arts therapy. In fact, even if you haven’t thought much about it, expressing your emotions is critical to the healing process. That’s why a writing therapy program in Kemah TX is the perfect place to start in your journey to healing from substance abuse.

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

Expressive arts therapy is a form of therapy that utilizes any of the creative arts to work through emotions. Expressive arts may include music, drama, art, writing, painting, dance, and more. Anything that allows you to creatively express yourself would be considered an expressive arts therapy.

The therapy is focused on the process, not the results; therefore, you don’t need any type of skill or training to participate in the therapy.

How Does Writing Therapy Work?

Writing therapy is an excellent way to work through difficult emotions, past trauma, or situations currently happening. It’s also beneficial when dealing with drug addiction treatment. Your therapist may guide you as to what to write about during your sessions.

For example, he or she may have you think about past situations when you used drugs and write about what led up to you using them. What were your emotions before and after using drugs and so on? This may help you understand how certain situations are affecting. Or you may be asked to write down memories of your childhood if the therapist knows there is past trauma in your life.

Other times, your therapist may have you write down anything that is on your mind that you want to express. Maybe you were angry about something that occurred at home with your spouse or loved one. You can write down what happened and how it made you feel. Then you can read about it later, which provides you with a different perspective on it —you won’t be in the heat of the moment.

Writing therapy is therapeutic because it allows you to release your emotions into the paper instead of keeping them bottled up. Some people may not be as comfortable in a talk therapy program talking about their feelings or they may have an easier time writing it down first, then talking about it.

The wonderful thing about writing therapy is that you can even do this on your own. When you are at home and a problem comes up or you’ve had a horrible day, take the time to write down your emotions. This will go a long way to aiding in your recovery.

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