Get Clean with Heroin Rehab in Houston

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Heroin addiction is a serious problem in America. The number of heroin-related deaths has quadrupled since 2010, and it’s important that people suffering from addiction get help as soon as possible. Heroin rehab in South Houston can be an option for those looking to get clean and sober. 

The whole story of the opioid epidemic starts with a prescription. You have pain, you see your doctor or surgeon for it and they prescribe either oxycodone or hydrocodone to help deal with that pain. Heroin Rehab in South Houston is readily available but if not caught quickly enough addiction sets in and now there’s a problem on their hands. 

The vast majority of people who find themselves enmeshed within heroin rehab are those individuals who started out as legitimate end-users because of an injury like surgery or a car accident where OxyContin was prescribed initially then switched over to Hydrocodone (Vicodin) when OxyCodone became less easily accessible due to strict regulations around prescribing them subsequently developed dependency issues afterward switching back again. The first step in life-saving heroin addiction treatment is to stop using. Once the physical withdrawal symptoms are over, it’s time for rehab. 

Heroin Rehab in South Houston begins with medically assisted heroin detox. This process reduces cravings and other uncomfortable withdrawals so that people can focus on their recovery work without distractions or discomfort.