Recognize Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms


The decision to stop using heroin is not an easy one to make. To begin with, heroin and other opioids create a most devious addiction. The fact an addiction can appear within a couple weeks of taking the first dose is a testament to just how insidious this drug is. As someone contemplates climbing out of the cycle of addiction, they face the prospect of some serious and dangerous heroin withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are so troubling that they sometimes become a deterrent to quitting.

More About Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

In this section, we’ll educate you a bit more about heroin withdrawal symptoms. As you take in this information, you should note that the deeper your addiction is, the more dangerous the withdrawal symptoms become. Here’s a list of the most notable withdrawal symptoms you might face when you quit using heroin:

  • Breathing issues
  • Heart-rate and blood pressure problems
  • Severe stomach and muscle cramping
  • Vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea
  • Psych issues like depression and anxiety
  • Convulsions and body tremors
  • Hallucinations and nightmares

Any single one of these symptoms could cause health problems. The combination of them warrants careful heroin addiction treatment.

Heroin Detox Programs

For safety purposes, anyone making the decision to stop using heroin so they can get help needs to submit to detox. At Kemah Palms Recovery® Center, our clinicians prefer to use a medically-monitored detox program for patients with a heroin addiction. With this type of program, our medical staff has the option to step in with prescription medication if a patient is experiencing discomfort. That’s the whole point of detox, getting the patient past their cravings and heroin withdrawal symptoms with a minimum of issues.

In the worst cases, our doctors might prescribe a tapering program. With the use of tapering drugs, patients can work through their addiction issues at a safer and slower pace. A standard detox program should last from 5-7 days. A tapering plan could take weeks.

Elite Services at Kemah Palms Recovery®

With a top heroin detox center in South Houston, we provide a variety of custom addiction treatment services. Our counselors and medical staff are among the best in the country. Our modern-day roster of addiction services to combat heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

There is no better time than right now to get help for your heroin addiction. At Kemah Palms Recovery® center, we help you get through your heroin withdrawal symptoms. We also provide a custom treatment program that works. For more information, pick up the phone and call one of our addiction counselors at 855-568-0218.