It’s difficult to get past the medical section of a website or newspaper without seeing an article about opiate addiction. Today, heroin, Fentanyl and prescription painkiller addictions are ravaging Americans from coast to coast. Even President Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency due to epidemic levels of opiate addiction and overdose deaths. The end result is it’s hard to find an opioid addiction treatment center that isn’t operating above capacity.

About Opioid Addiction Treatment

Coed group therapy session at an opioid addiction treatment centerWe cannot stress enough that the only reliable opioid addiction treatment option available comes through a top opioid addiction treatment center. Nothing else from the medical world or Internet has shown to be as effective. These other treatment options simply fail to address all aspects of a person’s addiction.

Unlike other addictions, people rarely refer to opioid addiction as moderate. Opioids grab the body so quickly that the addiction can take hold in a matter of weeks. With this in mind, it makes sense why most opioid addiction treatment plans start with an opiate detox program. A rehab’s clinical staff will typically prescribe a detox program to help patients get rid of cravings and get past withdrawal symptoms. Opioid withdrawal symptoms are dangerous. You need detox for symptoms like:

  • Body muscle cramping
  • Psych issues such as depression and suicidal thoughts
  • Blood pressure and heart rate issues
  • Breathing problems
  • Convulsions and body tremors
  • Nightmares and hallucinations
  • Stomach problems

After a successful drug detox treatment program, patients are usually able to focus better on addiction counseling. During individual and group counseling sessions, patients get a chance to explore the nature of their addictions. As part of this journey, they will hopefully learn about the root causes of their desire to take drugs to avoid life’s problems. Once the patient and counselor have found these causes, it’s easier to develop proper coping skills. These coping skills will eventually become the patient’s primary defense against relapse.

Describing a Top Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

Opioid addiction treatment doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It requires the dedication of caring staff in a reputable opioid addiction treatment center. Years ago, a typical opioid addiction treatment center would use a “cookie-cutter” approach to treatment. In other words, all patients were put through a similar treatment program.

In recent years, treatment centers like Kemah Palms Recovery have found that custom treatment plans are more effective. By using a broader range of treatment options, today’s cutting-edge treatment facilities can address a patient’s specific needs.

The most modern treatment options coming from the addiction treatment community today are of the holistic variety. Indeed, today’s current clinicians are focusing on treating the whole individual, not just the addiction. They are doing this by teaching patients about the importance of physical and mental health. Exercise and nutrition programs address the need for better physical health. Meanwhile, a holistic¬†approach to programs like art therapy, music therapy, and massage therapy address the need for outside interests and ways to relax. Addiction counselors seek to release better-rounded recovering individuals out into the real world.

More About Kemah Palms Recovery

As a top painkiller addiction treatment center near Houston, Kemah Palms Recovery takes our chance to help struggling addiction sufferers seriously. We are promoters of holistic treatment as well as using a variety of other modern treatment approaches, including:

There’s really no need for you to continue battling your opioid addiction. There’s so much good life out there for you to live. If you are looking for a top opioid addiction treatment center, Kemah Palms Recovery is a great place to start. With a single phone call to 866.604.1873, you can begin your journey down the road of recovery. You’ll like how good the world looks through clear eyes.