How to Get Off Opioids

white man on bed wondering how to get off opioids

Codeine, fentanyl, and oxycodone are common opioids. You might receive them as prescriptions from your doctor. Maybe you started using them in an off-label way for the high. Now, you need help figuring out how to get off opioids.

Find a Facility That Has a Chronic Pain Care Program

A good-quality opioid addiction treatment center should offer a pain care program. For people who needed painkillers and suffered subsequent addiction, it’s essential. It provides assistance with managing discomfort without falling back on addictive pain pills. Therefore, it’s a necessary aspect of overcoming the dependency and preparing for lifelong recovery.

How to Get Off Opioids in a Rehab Setting

You’ll undergo medical and clinical care. Medical modalities focus on safe withdrawal without any of the unpleasant side effects. Medication-assisted treatment works well in this setting. Similarly, you work on relaxation techniques that help you feel calm throughout the process.

Once you no longer wake up to withdrawal symptoms, you know that you broke the physical dependency. It’s now time to focus on the clinical portion of care. Rehab lets you overcome the psychological addiction. Because it helps you find new ways of handling triggers, this part of treatment helps protect against relapse.

Working with therapists and peers who’re also in recovery, you discover new coping, social, and life skills. Rather than reacting the way you used to, you now practice healthy ways of dealing with stress. Family therapy encourages loved ones to come in and support your recovery efforts. If you struggle with depression or anxiety, dual diagnosis treatment makes it possible to manage these conditions.

When you learn how to get off opioids with the help of therapists, you also receive holistic care. Because substance abuse affects the mind, body, and spirit, whole-person healing isn’t just a nice idea. Rather, it’s a necessity to give you a fresh start. Care approaches include:

  • Acupuncture therapy that uses your body’s energy to heal itself and boost wellbeing
  • Massage for relaxation, comfort, and a return to healthy sleep habits
  • Meditation as a way to shift the focus from reacting immediately to breathing through stressors
  • Neurofeedback, which lets you see how specific activities affect your brain and its healing
  • Yoga, which combines breathing with slow stretches in the form of mindfulness training
  • Art, music, and writing therapies provide you with opportunities of focusing your thoughts and emotions in new ways

It’s Time to Get Help

It doesn’t matter how you got here. You know that opioids aren’t good for you. You’ve probably already tried to quit or at least cut down. Because it didn’t work, you’re here, thinking about getting professional help.

Let the therapists at Kemah Palms Recovery® show you how to get off opioids. Most importantly, enjoy a full continuum of care that puts your needs first. An intake specialist can help you with an insurance verification so you know what benefits you could receive. Call 855-568-0218 now to make it happen.