Is Alcohol a Drug?

a man taking a shot wondering is alcohol a drug

Is alcohol a drug? Very few people would say that alcohol is a drug, but it comfortably fits the definition of a drug. A drug is any substance that has a physiological effect when consumed. Although alcohol might be a socially accepted substance in moderation, we should still treat it like a drug. Because alcohol is so normalized in our culture, it can be hard to make people treat it as seriously as it probably should be. Since alcohol can cause a number of health problems when abused, it is important to understand the effects of alcohol.

Is Alcohol a Drug?

Many people want to know the definitive answer to this question–Is alcohol a drug? In almost every way, the answer is yes. A drug is a substance that impacts you physically, can cause an addiction, and can make a change to your consciousness. Alcohol can do all of those things.

The only reason that alcohol may not look like a drug is that it is legal for adults to consume. However, prescription drugs are also legal, but only when used appropriately. When alcohol is abused or misused, it can also become a severe problem.

Alcohol Addiction is as Severe as Drug Addiction

In society at large, it can seem more acceptable to abuse alcohol than to abuse drugs. Most college students abuse alcohol in the form of binge drinking, and this frequently happens before students even turn 21. Nonetheless, an addiction to alcohol is just as dangerous as an addiction to drugs.

Alcohol abuse and addiction can lead to severe physical side effects. Alcoholism can cause high blood pressure, heart conditions, liver damage, and even cancer. It can also ruin close relationships, lead to mental health conditions, and cause financial ruin.

No one would argue that these side effects are mild. If you are still wondering, “Is alcohol a drug?” it is important to note that being addicted to alcohol is just as problematic as being addicted to illegal drugs.

Addiction Recovery is Similar for Drugs and Alcohol

To recover from an addiction to alcohol, you will need to go through several critical steps in the recovery process. These steps are almost identical to the process of drug addiction treatment. That is just one more reason why alcohol can be considered a drug.

Whether a client is dependent on drugs or alcohol, recovery starts with a good medical detox. Detox starts the withdrawal process, and it can be uncomfortable. With medical supervision, clients can withdraw safely. The good news is that detox does not last long. Since detox is only the first step, the journey does not end there.

After detox comes rehab. This is when clients explore the underlying causes of addiction. They can also receive mental health support and extensive addiction therapy services. Clients can learn how to live without addiction. Depending on how long you have been struggling with addiction, life after addiction seems impossible. It is important to keep a positive outlook and remember you have your whole life ahead of you.

Overcoming an Alcohol Addiction at Kemah Palms

At Kemah Palms, clients can overcome alcohol addiction in a safe and supportive environment. Comprehensive care is available to each client, and personalized treatment plans ensure a successful recovery. Some treatment methods used for both alcohol and drug addiction include:

Is alcohol a drug? The answer is a resounding yes. Fortunately, addiction treatment at Kemah Palms in Texas can help you fight back against any drug or alcohol dependence. Call us today to learn more and to begin your journey to better health.