Is My Addiction Bad Enough for Rehab?

woman with thousand yard stare wondering is my addiction bad enough for rehab

Have you been struggling with chronic pain and substance addiction? Have you asked yourself “Is my addiction bad enough for rehab?” or “do I need rehab?” Perhaps you worry that dealing with your addiction to painkillers could result in elevated levels of pain. Fortunately, there are more techniques, procedures, and coping skills available to manage your pain than you may initially realize. This is where our Texas addiction rehab center can offer assistance. With the proper help, you can begin enjoying a life free from pain and addiction.

Is My Addiction Bad Enough for Rehab?

It is possible to achieve a successful recovery from addiction on your own. However, it is essential that you seek out a proper rehab facility to assist you with coping with chronic pain. Surrounding yourself with a supportive community of professionals and fellow recovering addicts will keep you accountable during your journey. Drug rehab can also be a great asset during your initial substance withdrawal process. After you have dealt with chronic pain for a long time, your body becomes dependent on these substances. This can result in serious withdrawal symptoms including fevers, tremors, vomiting, anxiety, and depression.

Chronic Pain Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction can be the result of various issues with chronic pain. Perhaps you have turned to addictive prescription pain medication to curb your suffering. Chronic pain sufferers often experience struggles within their daily life such as pain, depression, anxiety, decreased mobility, and drug dependency. The chronic pain recovery program at Kemah Palms Recovery® confronts these issues and provides you with effective ways to combat your struggles, relieve your pain, and maintain your sobriety.

Advanced Pain Management Program in Kemah TX

Kemah Palms Recovery® relies on a holistic approach to chronic pain management and addiction recovery. Once you enroll in our treatment program, recovery begins by assessing your pain history, pain levels and interval lengths, and your current management techniques. Your doctor will spend time with you to discover the source of your chronic pain and generate effective ways to combat your pain and relieve your dependency on addictive substances and painkillers.

When you receive a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, arthritis, or cancer, you likely do not expect to fall into addiction from the substances meant to help you. At Kemah Palms Recovery®, we provide you with an advanced pain management program tailored to effectively maintain your sobriety and treat your pain at the same time. A few of the practices we incorporate include physical therapy, chiropractic care, and intervention procedures.

Available Services for Rehab Treatment in Kemah TX

Kemah Palms Recovery® offers a variety of treatment options to create the most effective recovery process for our patients. After you join our facility, our professionals will begin generating a specialized treatment plan for your recovery. They will track your recovery during one-on-one sessions and adjust your treatment plan along the way to create the most successful recovery process possible.

The range of rehabilitation programs we offer at our Kemah Palms Recovery® facility varies depending on your individual needs. Addiction treatment can include:

Recovering from chronic pain and substance dependency can be a struggle for even the most dedicated addicts. Take back control of your life, and discover your true inner willpower and strength by making the decision to overcome your pain and addiction. Make the first step in your journey by contacting a professional at the drug rehab Houston, TX trusts today today.