How to Get Joint Pain Relief Without Drugs


Are you looking for joint pain relief? You probably already talked to your doctor about it. There’s a good chance that this healthcare provider was quick to prescribe pain pills. What if there was a pain relief that didn’t involve addictive drugs?

Looking for Joint Pain Relief in the Wrong Places

Joint pain is typically chronic. It may be because of carpal tunnel syndrome, an autoimmune disease, or arthritis. The ongoing discomfort has changed the way that you live your life. You may no longer participate in hobbies or work activities that you used to enjoy.

Prescription painkillers make the pain go away. However, they do so at a high personal cost. The possibility of developing a physiological and psychological addiction to the opioids is high. Over-the-counter drugs bring health risks such as liver problems with acetaminophen overuse.

Because you’re also feeling depressed, you might be looking for ways to better your outlook on life as well as joint pain relief. Some people may reach for stimulant drugs to do the trick. Then, when they want to sleep, they increase the opioid dosage. Before long, you might be looking at using multiple drugs just to make it through your day.

Chronic Pain Treatment Offers Healthier Choices

Maybe you don’t need joint pain relief from a pill bottle. It’ll always be an option. However, what would happen if you tried to work with some of the best pain management doctors in TX first? They might introduce therapeutic interventions that include:

  • Acupuncture therapy for endorphin release, which gives you energy and reduces pain
  • Massage therapy as a means for relaxing your body – not just the affected limb
  • Neurofeedback therapy which assists with pinpointing treatment opportunities
  • Meditation therapy that opens the door to mental and physical relaxation, which is vital for people with a high-stress level
  • Yoga and exercise therapies that help you to set fitness goals and make it possible for you to accomplish them

You may experience a significant reduction of your joint pain levels. While there’s no guarantee for a complete cessation of discomfort, you might not need pain pills any longer. Most importantly, you won’t need additional drugs that mitigate the effects of the opioids either.

What Happens If You Already Developed an Addiction to Opioids?

Plenty of people seek chronic pain treatment after they started taking opioids. Many already struggle with dependency. But there’s hope. Good-quality facilities frequently combine pain recovery and drug rehab.

You work with addiction treatment specialists who help you quit using the opioids. No matter what dose you’re currently on, it’s possible to stop. You don’t have to worry about the pain of withdrawal. There’s help for that, too.

Find out more about joint pain relief and addiction recovery. At Kemah Palms Recovery®, compassionate therapists want to assist you with healing. They can help with physical pain as well as rehab. Call 855-568-0218 today to get more information from a caring intake specialist.