Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

a nutritionist talks to a female patient about nutrition and addiction recovery with fruits and vegetables on the table

People who have struggled with drug addiction often run down their bodies as well as their mind over the course of time that they do drugs. When substance abuse has taken over your life, you may need to put in place a nutrition and addiction recovery plan. Taking care of your entire “self” will ensure you gain complete healing and find happiness. A nutritional therapy program in Kemah TX is the perfect way to feed your body properly as you recover.

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery 

The importance of nutrition in addiction recovery must be emphasized for those in the midst of a drug addiction crisis. Most people who have a substance use disorder are thinking about seeking substance abuse treatment to successfully withdraw and abstain from drugs. Yet, restoring the body to a healthy state is just as important.

When you engage in substance abuse, let’s face it— you probably don’t think much about your nutritional needs. Many people addicted to drugs may not eat much and when they do eat, they just grab a few bites of whatever they can find. That means eating unhealthy food, junk food, and fast food. Most of the time when drugs are driving people’s lives, they don’t take time to cook nutritious meals.

How Does Nutrition and Addiction Recovery Work?

When you begin rehab at a qualified drug addiction treatment center, you will begin an addiction recovery and nutrition plan. This involves three parts:


The first step is determining where you are in your journey to healthy nutritional living. Some people may be at a very deficient level of nutrition while others may be doing a bit better. A trained nutrition specialist will talk to you about what you generally eat or ask you about what types of things you’ve been eating in the last month to determine what changes need to be made.


Next, your nutritional guide will give you information about healthy, nutritional eating. You’ll learn what foods and vitamins are best for your age, gender, size, and health condition.

Follow up

Finally, as you proceed forward with a holistic approach to recovery, your therapist will discuss how the plan is working by following up with you. You will begin to notice the difference as you gain strength from healthy nutritional habits.

Next Steps at Kemah Palms Recovery®

Welcome to Kemah Palms, where we welcome you with compassionate care. You’ll feel right at home with our caring staff. Our evidence-based therapies are successful in treating a wide range of substance use issues as well as nutritional deficiencies.

At our addiction treatment facility, we employ professional and compassionate staff. In addition, we offer several therapy options some of which include:

Don’t let any substance abuse problem interfere with your life. Start nutrition and addiction recovery treatment today. Contact us today, and we’ll guide you to the road to success.