Is There Really an Opioid Crisis?

man suffering form the opioid crisis

Throughout US history, the country has seen various addiction issues come and go. The one crisis that never seems to go away is the opioid crisis. Is the crisis real? It’s nearly impossible to open a newspaper or information website without seeing the bad news. Above all, teens and adults alike are literally dying because of opioid abuse. It seems like the only thing that has changed over the years is the strength of the substances and the number of people suffering.

Substances Creating Opioid Crisis

Back in the “good old days,” heroin was the opiate drug of choice. It ravaged a population of people who had not yet found a way to combat the addiction problem. Back then, an opioid addiction rehab center in South Houston had treatment limitations. Above all, they just didn’t have the same number of resources and treatment options to help treat patients.

Today, top clinicians are developing better tools and programs to treat all kinds of addictions. Unfortunately, street drug manufacturers keep raising the stakes with more powerful and dangerous drugs made with opioids. Fentanyl, for instance, is the latest and greatest culprit. Experts claim this drug is 100x more potent than heroin. Throw in a drug industry contribution of prescription painkillers, and we can see why an opioid crisis is upon us.

How to Fight the Opioid Crisis

At this point, there seem to be only two ways to combat this problem realistically. One is through better education at the high school and college levels. Our kids need to understand the price they could pay for a few moments of euphoria could be their lives. Conversely, the other way is to make sure those addicted to opioids have access to top addiction treatment centers like Kemah Palms Recovery®.

Addiction Treatment at Kemah Palms Recovery®

As part of the Texas addiction treatment community, Kemah Palms Recovery® has to deal with the opioid crisis in South Houston. For our part, we use all our resources to make sure each patient gets world-class custom care. In addition, we pursue this charter by maintaining a comprehensive list of modern treatment modalities. Our current list of treatment options includes:

If you have fallen victim to the ongoing opioid crisis, you need to take note. You are going down a path that could lead to your destruction. Don’t let that happen. Kemah Palms Recovery® has an addiction treatment program that will turn your life around. For more information, you all you have to do is call our addiction specialists for help>.