Overcoming The Side Effects of Meth Use

harrowed man with a scarf suffering the long term effects of meth

Long-term effects of meth can develop after a few months of using the drug and can persist for years after the last use. Meth is one of the most health-damaging drugs. It causes a mixture of long-term mental and physical health problems. If you quit using meth, you can recover your health within a few years. Some people, unfortunately, find that they still suffer some of the side effects of meth even years after going abstinent. The sooner you enroll in a drug addiction treatment program, the faster you can restore as much of your health as possible.

Long-Term Effects of Meth on the Brain

Meth causes several physical and chemical changes in the brain that result in various mental side effects. These effects may persist a year or longer after the last dose of meth. Your brain’s mood regulation chemicals become imbalanced with regular meth use. Depression, anxiety, confusion, aggression, paranoia and hallucinations are some of the mental side effects you may experience. Some people have suicidal thoughts as well. Meth can interrupt the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain, causing neurons to die. Some people also experience problems with learning, coordination and speech after meth use.

Because of the serious mental effects of meth, we recommend that you stay in an outpatient rehab program for a long time in order to receive the support you need to get through these challenging symptoms. Outpatient programs take around nine to 20 hours each week. They make a difference in helping you stay sober and manage the effects meth has had on you.

Kemah Palms has a wide range of drug rehab programs to help people of all needs recover from their addictions. Our programs include:

Types of therapy we can incorporate in a patient’s treatment plan include relapse prevention therapy, yoga therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.

Side Effects on the Body

One study found a higher rate of Parkinson’s disease in people who used meth in the past. Other long-term side effects of meth on the body include tooth decay, tooth loss, gum disease, thinning hair, weight loss and skin sores. People who use meth are at a higher risk of stroke and heart attack. Meth can also damage your liver and lungs.

Other heart problems that meth can cause are fibrous tissue formation, blood vessel spasms, muscle tissue death, coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. Meth damages the immune system and increases your likelihood of catching infectious diseases. Kemah Palms offers nutritional evaluation and guidance that you’ll find helpful in following a healthy diet for recovery from the physical damage caused by meth.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Long-Term Effects of Meth?

You need to stay abstinent for about a year to restore your brain’s binding of dopamine to dopamine transporters. After two years of meth abstinence, your microglial activation levels will be nearly back to normal. Some people have had depression and psychosis cleared up within weeks of addiction treatment. Others have had lingering symptoms of depression and psychosis for years. Stressful and traumatic situations can trigger mental symptoms, which is one of the many reasons therapy is crucial.

A dentist can treat any oral health problems you may have developed. To restore your overall health, it’s important to also eat a healthy diet.

We recommend enrolling in a residential meth rehab program and following it up with an outpatient rehab program. The initial withdrawal from meth is difficult to overcome, so being in a residential rehab improves your chance of staying sober.

By understanding the long-term impacts of meth on your brain and body, you’ll be better prepared for the journey to recovery. You won’t feel as down on yourself for the struggles you experience because you’ll know they are part of meth’s negative effect on your body. Over time, your mental and physical health will improve. The experts at Kemah Palms are here for you to help you overcome meth addiction. Contact Kemah Palms today to start your journey to recovery.