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Chronic Pain and The Trauma Egg

Chronic Pain and Opioid Addiction in America This presentation is on chronic pain and the trauma egg. Thank you to our presenting partner Eric McLaughlin with Intervention 911 and Kemah Palms very own Dr. James Flowers. I’m just going to introduce Dr. James Flowers. Oh, thank you, guys, and I’m so happy to be able…

drug syrup pours onto a spoon showing an example of schedule 5 drugs

What Are Schedule 5 Drugs

Among all the ways to classify a substance, drug scheduling may be the easiest to understand. When a client enters a drug addiction treatment center in Kemah TX, this is one of the things that therapists help them to learn. Some of the drugs that have the least potential for abuse are schedule 5 drugs….

woman dealing with alcoholism is concerned about symptoms of alcohol poisoning

Symptoms Of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning can be fatal. You should take care to know what the symptoms of alcohol poisoning are if you spend time drinking or around people that do drink. This way you can identify alcohol poisoning before it becomes deadly. Anyone can get alcohol poisoning. Being aware of the dangers of heavy drinking can save…

The Power of Vision in Sobriety

A major key to finding freedom from chemical dependency is to avoid emphasizing “freedom from” at the expense of “freedom to.” Many people fail to stay clean because, on the subconscious level at least, they think that giving up drugs also means giving up stress relief, enjoyment, or other good-in-themselves things that they’ve come to…

What is Step 3 of the 12 Steps Program?

Step Three of the 12 Steps: We made a decision to turn our will and lives over to the care of God, as we understood him. Step Three of the 12 Steps is the natural follow-up to Steps One and Two. First, we admit that we’ve lost control (Step 1). Then we acknowledge belief in…

How to Stage an Intervention for an Addict

Television has given us all a look at how some people run interventions. Unfortunately, what we see on TV pales in comparison to a well thought out intervention. When a loved one is in trouble, it’s usually family members and friends that offer help. With addiction, an intervention is a solid choice. The gathering of…

woman holding head distressed at the beginning of the benzo withdrawal timeline

What Benzo Withdrawal Timeline Can You Expect?

The benzo withdrawal symptoms timeline can take a year to run its course. Benzo detox and rehab programs are essential to recovery. Drug cravings are just some of the many psychological symptoms you can experience during withdrawal. Psychological symptoms make it difficult to stay sober when you haven’t received cognitive behavioral therapy. Drug addiction treatment…

man practices mindfulness for addiction recovery

How to Combat Addiction with Mindfulness

“Mindfulness creates space around our pain” (Kemah Palms CEO James Flowers). Mindfulness reduces the desperate feeling that instant relief is everything and self-medication is the easiest option. Being mindful lessens cravings, decrease tension, and tame the attitudes that feed unhealthy habits. Mindfulness is, at heart, a way of accepting oneself and the way things are….

man holds pill capsule in hand with more pill capsules on the table in the background as he tries to determine if they're vyvanse vs adderall

What’s the Different Between Vyvanse & Adderall?

People who have been diagnosed with ADHD are usually treated with stimulant medication such as Vyvanse or Adderall. These medications are also oftentimes abused by people who want to feel the effects of a stimulant. When this occurs, a prescription drug detox program in Kemah TX is necessary for the person to withdraw safely and find healing….

harrowed man with a scarf suffering the long term effects of meth

Overcoming The Side Effects of Meth Use

Long-term effects of meth can develop after a few months of using the drug and can persist for years after the last use. Meth is one of the most health-damaging drugs. It causes a mixture of long-term mental and physical health problems. If you quit using meth, you can recover your health within a few…

man wondering about methadone detox

Heroin Addiction and Methadone Detox

Heroin is a very dangerous and addictive painkiller. It’s relatively cheap to buy, so people who develop an opiate addiction switch to it to save money. However, they can still spend hundreds of dollars a day to maintain their habit. Those with heroin addiction could save their lives and money if they enter a methadone…

a woman struggling to get out of bed while dealing with dual diagnosis

Expert Tips for Coping with a Dual Diagnosis & Addiction

You, or a family member, may be among the millions of people with “dual diagnosis”—simultaneous substance-abuse problems and mental illness. People with post-traumatic stress disorder, clinical depression, anxiety disorders, or other mental health disorders are particularly vulnerable to falling into addiction via the attempted-self-medication route. What do treatment professionals and mental-health experts say that can…