Regain Control With a Sex Addiction Therapy Program

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Sex addiction is not as culturally ubiquitous as drug or alcohol addiction, but it still afflicts millions of Americans. If you want to undergo sex addiction recovery, you should attend sex addiction therapy on a regular basis. Kemah Palms is happy to help you with our sex addiction therapy program in Texas. Learn how sex addiction therapy groups can help you learn to control your urges below.

Why Seeking a Sex Addiction Therapy Program in Texas Is Important

Sex addiction is a disorder that causes compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviors. As opposed to the rest of the population, those with a sex addiction cannot help themselves from engaging in sexual behaviors. Instead of being one of many life activities, it becomes an overwhelming presence. Sex addiction prevents you from thinking about anything other than sex. These thoughts can affect your performance at work or your relationship with family and friends.

However, why are sex addiction therapy groups in demand? Like alcohol, sex is socially acceptable and promoted constantly. In a culture saturated in sexuality, people have a hard drawing the line between healthy and excessive sexuality. These blurry lines help obscure sex addiction and prevent people from seeking help.

Attending sex addiction therapy groups or entering our sex addiction therapy program in Texas can uncover the roots of your sex addiction. Whether its trauma, familial struggles, or other psychosocial factors, we can discover why you use sex to cope. or even encouraged. In particular, family and group therapy can aid your fight against sex addiction.

Other times, separate mental disorders lead to the development of sex addiction. For instance, if you struggle with depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder, you’re more likely to develop other disorders, including sex addiction. It is important to deal with your dual diagnosis of sex addiction and mental illness concurrently. Without dual diagnosis treatment, the things that led you to cope with sex are still there, indirectly tempting you to relapse.

A Sex Addiction Therapy Program in Texas Might Uncover Other Addictions

Most facilities that offer therapy for sex addiction have other addiction programs as well. Having these other addiction therapy services is important because of how disorders work in the brain. After the brain develops a mental disorder, it can easily develop another. Since sex addiction is a mental disorder, it opens the door for other disorders to develop as well.

For example, if you struggle with sex addiction, you may also struggle with drug addiction. In fact, these two addictions could feed off each other. Perhaps you’re more likely to consume drugs while engaging in sexual activity or vice versa. Perhaps you are stuck in a codependent relationship that feeds both sex addiction and drug addiction. In this case, finding drug addiction treatment is just as important as finding sex addiction treatment.

Sex addiction treatment is essential for the overall understanding of sexual behavioral disorders. It is common for people to struggle with generic sex addiction along with a more specific sexual disorder, such as voyeurism or exhibitionism.

Enroll in a Sex Addiction Therapy Program in Texas Now

Are you looking for sex addiction therapy groups that you can join in Texas? If so, it’s time to reach out to Kemah Palms Recovery®. We provide treatment for a number of addictions, including sex and drug addictions. Some of the services that we use to treat these conditions include:

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