More than 15 million American adults struggle with alcoholism. Despite these significant numbers, most will never get the treatment they need for sobriety. Alcoholism treatment is the key to recovery, health and the life you deserve. Find out how to spot alcoholism, what treatment looks like and where to get optimal recovery and support along the way.

Signs of Alcoholism

One woman convincing another that she needs alcoholism treatmentThe first step in treating alcoholism is identifying the disease. There are many signs of alcoholism, and these can be physical, behavioral and psychological. Some of the most common physical symptoms of dependence on alcohol include:

  • Digestive problems and frequent stomach cramps
  • Visible red blood vessels on the skin
  • Redness on the face
  • Liver problems such as cirrhosis
  • Drastic and unintended weight loss or gain

Plenty of people can struggle with alcohol abuse and not display these signs of addiction. However, it is much harder to hide alcoholism when it comes to behavior. Alcoholics may have a disrupted sleep cycle, or they may display a change in personality. Some alcoholics are withdrawn and quiet in the mornings, but boisterous and outgoing in the evenings after drinking.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are stages of alcoholism. Someone who’s addicted to alcohol for several decades will have a tougher time in recovery than someone who has only recently begun abusing alcohol. The sooner treatment starts, however, the better. Postponing treatment is rarely a good idea because your health is in jeopardy every day that you continue drinking.

Understanding the Alcoholism Recovery Process

Alcoholism treatment is not one-size-fits-all, but there is a rough protocol that most individuals will follow. Residents who begin an alcohol addiction treatment program should know what to expect. The journey begins with detox. That can take approximately one week, and it is the chance to break free from the chemical dependence on alcohol.

After detoxing in a hospital or other supervised facility, it will be time to move to a rehab program. In rehab, residents get to dig deeper and explore the underlying causes of addiction. This process can take time, but the exact duration of treatment depends on the individual.

Evidence-Based Alcoholism Treatment

The foundation of alcohol addiction treatment is a scientific, proven and evidence-based treatment plan. This often includes lots of therapy, including group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy. It can also include pharmacological treatment. A wide range of these treatments is ideal because then residents can access the techniques that work best for them.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Alcoholism treatment should include evidence-based strategies, but a holistic approach can also offer some incredible benefits. Holistic care promotes total wellness, and that goes far beyond just treating the physical symptoms of addiction. Holistic care may include alternative treatments like meditation therapy or fitness therapy. All of these approaches contribute to wellness, fulfillment and a life of happiness without alcohol.

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction at Kemah Palms

At Kemah Palms in Kemah, Texas, alcoholism treatment is a comprehensive experience. Residents can expect a comfortable atmosphere with targeted and customized addiction treatment services. The overall goal is not just sobriety, but health that can last a lifetime. To achieve that objective, some of the amenities and therapies available to residents are as follows:

Alcoholism is a challenge to overcome, but the right level of support can help. At Kemah Palms, residents will get individualized care and world-class treatment. Call 866-604-1873 if you want to begin your life of sobriety today.