Sad man in hoodie wondering if drug addiction treatment will help him.When addiction takes hold of a person, he or she tends to continue that addiction, assuming there is no way out. The cycle of addiction creates problems in the areas of personal relationships and mental and physical health. Almost every addict eventually hits the proverbial wall. This entails reaching a point where they have to admit defeat and seek help or risk severe consequences, including death. When that time arrives, the only reliable solution is drug addiction treatment.

Why Drug Addiction Treatment?

The Internet is full of “quick fix” solutions for addiction. Some self-proclaimed experts have put forth methods of kicking the habit. The problem with these types of solutions is they seldom work, at least over the long haul. They might help on a temporary basis, but we consider the relapse occurrence rate for these options to be too high.

Realistically, the option of getting drug addiction treatment from a reputable treatment facility stands as the best solution. The success rate isn’t perfect, but it stands head and shoulders above other options. The reasons for this are apparent. Unlike the alternatives, professional drug addiction treatment addresses all aspects of a person’s addiction.

The Drug Addiction Treatment Process

The addiction treatment process is reliable because it addresses the patient’s physical, mental and emotional issues. Without covering all the bases, a patient is far more likely to go right back to their old habits. As indicated above, most addiction treatment processes address all the patient’s issues in a customized and well thought out treatment plan, as well as providing aftercare.

The Physical Issues

As an addiction grows, a person’s body develops a physical and physiological dependence on the drug of choice. Any attempts the addict makes to stop using immediately exposes them to some troubling drug withdrawal symptoms. Detox is the proper treatment option for physical dependency. In a reliable detox environment run by medical professionals, patients can get through withdrawal safely and without significant discomfort.

The Mental/Emotional Issues

The mental/emotional issues usually include the underlying reasons why a patient might turn to drugs for relief. These problems can range from the development of accidental addiction to personal problems and anything in between. Addiction facility staffers treat these types of issues with therapy and counseling. Treatment centers like Kemah Palms Recovery can address these issues by offering both individual and group counseling.


Upon completing treatment, it helps if the rehab facility provides aftercare programs. For the average patient, leaving rehab can be a little unnerving. The idea of facing the real world without the crutch of drugs can cause some anxiety. Aftercare programs are there to provide access to additional treatment resources during trying times. Aftercare programs usually include outpatient counseling, 12-Step meetings and access to sober living options. At Kemah Palms aftercare also includes an alumni program.

Drug Addiction Treatment at Kemah Palms Recovery

Sitting in the small community of Kemah, Texas is our premier drug addiction treatment facility. We provide many of the services listed above. There are 80-100 beds available for our long-term residential treatment client base. We also offer outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment options.

As a progressive treatment facility, we understand the importance of treating each patient as an individual. As such, we use an extensive menu of treatment modalities, which we can customize to each patient’s specific situation. The list of treatment options includes, but is not limited to:

Your fight against addiction does not have to continue. You have options if you truly want to get the proverbial “monkey off your back.” The first step is yours to take by admitting you have an illness and need help. Get the help you need by picking up the phone and placing one call to Kemah Palms at 866-604-1873. When you are ready, there’s a beautiful life waiting for you in recovery.