Choosing to quit using drugs is the first step to overcoming addiction. Once people decide to stop, they can start looking for help. The next step is detox. Here are a few tips that can help people battle drug withdrawal symptoms.

Understanding Drug Cravings

Woman helping distressed man battle drug withdrawal.Drug cravings are one of the most intense and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms people face in detox. It’s essential that they learn how to handle or make these drug cravings less intense. In some cases, people relapse because they can’t manage the withdrawal symptoms.

The first thing that they have to know is that craving substances during drug withdrawal is standard. Having cravings doesn’t mean there’s a problem. Some people think that cravings say they’re weak and can’t manage withdrawal. However, they arise for everyone when they stop using drugs.

Second, cravings don’t last forever. The most intense cravings happen within the first couple of days. After that, they tend to lessen in intensity. Also, people can do several things to manage drug cravings during and after withdrawal, including:

  • Positive self-talk to reaffirm their knowledge that cravings don’t last forever and help them stay positive
  • Surfing the cravings with distractions to help them get through the craving waves
  • Avoiding triggers to keep their cravings to a minimum

Tips for Managing Drug Withdrawal

Managing drug withdrawal isn’t something people should do on their own. It’s best to seek professional help. Rehab centers can help manage withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse when the symptoms get intense. Thankfully, residents can do a few things to control drug withdrawal symptoms too.

Exercise is a great way to handle drug withdrawal. It’s not only a great distraction but also releases endorphins naturally. People can use exercise as a new hobby to replace their drug use as well.

It’s important to learn to “delay” too. It helps them hold off from using drugs during peak cravings. In general, the peaks only last around 10 to 20 minutes. If they can hold out during these peak periods, they can usually hold off altogether.

One great way to delay is for people to engage in hobbies during peak cravings. For example, if they use exercise as a hobby, they can work out during peak cravings. However, they don’t have to turn to exercise as their hobby of choice. They can try painting, playing video games or even reading books.

Also, it’s essential for people to eat right and drink plenty of water during withdrawal. The body has the tools it needs to overcome addiction side effects. However, people have to give the body what it needs to use these tools. Eating right, drinking water and getting plenty of sleep are the keys to helping the body heal itself.

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