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during addiction treatment group participants discuss most commonly abused drugs

Most Commonly Abused Street Drugs

Close to 10% of the United States population has experienced some form of a substance abuse problem. Alcohol and drugs are common in communities across the country. Knowing the most commonly abused drugs can help you identify substance abuse issues in yourself or a loved one. In turn, this can help you find appropriate treatment…

line of cocaine on black background about to give cocaine overdose symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Cocaine Overdose

Made from the coca plant in South America, cocaine is one of the most powerful, deadliest, and highly addictive drugs in the world. Sadly, it is also one of the most popular. Cocaine overdose symptoms can occur quickly before you have time to react. As a result, you can suffer from severe health problems or…

mixing xanax and alcohol

Dangers of Mixing Xanax and Alcohol

It’s mind-blowing to think anyone would mix two depressants without a clear understanding of what might happen. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what people are doing when they mix Xanax and alcohol. If that sounds like a bad idea, let us assure you it’s a very bad idea.  In the sections below, we will discuss the dangers…

distressed older woman fooled by myths about drugs

Common Misconceptions and Myths About Drugs

You may believe many misconceptions and myths about drugs. To make matters worse, the spread of misinformation is commonplace. The only way to truly dispel these misconceptions is to openly talk about them. Spreading accurate information is the only hope that society has to get drug abuse under control. Myths About Drugs and Hitting Rock…

man suffering form the opioid crisis

Is There Really an Opioid Crisis?

Throughout US history, the country has seen various addiction issues come and go. The one crisis that never seems to go away is the opioid crisis. Is the crisis real? It’s nearly impossible to open a newspaper or information website without seeing the bad news. Above all, teens and adults alike are literally dying because…

Two people learning how to help an addict

How to Help a Drug Addict Get the Treatment They Need

Addiction is more prevalent than ever. There are many people who are battling an addiction and trying to hide it from their friends and family. This can be due to shame or simply because they don’t know how to stop using on their own. It can be hard to know how to help an addict…

heroin overdoses spike

Spikes in Heroin Overdoses

Louisville, Kentucky, Sees Spike in Heroin Overdoses Over the course of 32 hours, Louisville, Kentucky, authorities received 52 calls about heroin overdoses. The staggering numbers exhibit the epidemic in many areas of the U.S.[

pensive man next to a window wondering what makes drugs addictive and are all drugs addictive

What Makes Drugs Addictive?

Drug addiction is a serious concern in the world today with millions of people suffering from this troubling condition. Whether minor or severe, addiction can be very damaging to anyone’s life — even the family members of those who are suffering. If you or somebody you know is suffering from addiction, then you should contact…

a group therapy session discussing drug rehab centers

How to Research Drug Rehab Centers

Those who are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse issues need to find drug rehab centers that fit their needs. Only professional help at a drug rehab center can help someone fully recover from a full-blown addiction. Researching rehab centers can be a challenge. You may not know what to look for. In the following…

man in bed taking a pill wondering what is the opioid crisis

What Is The Opioid Crisis?

If you’ve listened much to the news in the last several years, then you’ve probably heard quite a bit about America dealing with an opioid crisis. Or maybe you heard it described as an opioid epidemic. We’ve all heard our share about this problem, but you may be wondering just what is the opioid crisis?…

white man on bed wondering how to get off opioids

How to Get Off Opioids

Codeine, fentanyl, and oxycodone are common opioids. You might receive them as prescriptions from your doctor. Maybe you started using them in an off-label way for the high. Now, you need help figuring out how to get off opioids. Find a Facility That Has a Chronic Pain Care Program A good-quality opioid addiction treatment center…

a cup of lean sits on a table answering the question what is lean

What is Lean?

Opiates are some of the most commonly abused drugs. Despite their many medical uses, opiates are highly addictive. Opiates include illicit drugs like heroin, as well as prescription opiates like Oxycontin, morphine, and Codeine. Unfortunately, taking opiates regularly, even as prescribed, can lead to physical and psychological addiction. When prescription opiates are diverted to black…