How to Help a Drug Addict Get the Treatment They Need

Two people learning how to help an addict

Addiction is more prevalent than ever. There are many people who are battling an addiction and trying to hide it from their friends and family. This can be due to shame or simply because they don’t know how to stop using on their own. It can be hard to know how to help an addict…

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Teenage Drug Addiction

teens suffering from teenage drug addiction

Learn the symptoms and statistics of teenage drug addiction. Call Kemah Palms Recovery at [DirectNumber] for effective teen addiction treatment.   As a parent, you should be aware of the signs and effects of teenage drug addiction. If you see these signs, help your teen get early, effective treatment. Be alert to changes in your…

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Dangers of Mixing Xanax and Alcohol

mixing xanax and alcohol

It’s mind-blowing to think anyone would mix two depressants without a clear understanding of what might happen. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what people are doing when they mix Xanax and alcohol. If that sounds like a bad idea, let us assure you it’s a very bad idea.  In the sections below, we will discuss the dangers…

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What Are the Symptoms of Cocaine Overdose

line of cocaine on black background about to give cocaine overdose symptoms

Made from the coca plant in South America, cocaine is one of the most powerful, deadliest, and highly addictive drugs in the world. Sadly, it is also one of the most popular. Cocaine overdose symptoms can occur quickly before you have time to react. As a result, you can suffer from severe health problems or…

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What Is The Opioid Crisis?

man in bed taking a pill wondering what is the opioid crisis

If you’ve listened much to the news in the last several years, then you’ve probably heard quite a bit about America dealing with an opioid crisis. Or maybe you heard it described as an opioid epidemic. We’ve all heard our share about this problem, but you may be wondering just what is the opioid crisis?…

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What is Polysubstance Abuse?

group addiction therapy discuss polysubstance abuse and treatment

Polysubstance abuse is the abuse of multiple drugs simultaneously. This can be the abuse of legal over the counter products, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, or any combination of the three. People can be doing this without being aware. For example, if you are on Xanax and you drink wine every night you are a polysubstance…

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Most Commonly Abused Street Drugs

during addiction treatment group participants discuss most commonly abused drugs

Close to 10% of the United States population has experienced some form of a substance abuse problem. Alcohol and drugs are common in communities across the country. Knowing the most commonly abused drugs can help you identify substance abuse issues in yourself or a loved one. In turn, this can help you find appropriate treatment…

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What Is Fentanyl?

woman wonders what is fentanyl as she ponders her addiction

Fentanyl is gaining notoriety along with the spread of the opioid epidemic. Many people wonder what is fentanyl when they hear of people abusing the drug. In a nutshell, fentanyl is a powerful opiate. It is a regulated drug that doctors can prescribe to patients. Because of its potency, people can become easily addicted to…

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What is Lean?

a cup of lean sits on a table answering the question what is lean

Opiates are some of the most commonly abused drugs. Despite their many medical uses, opiates are highly addictive. Opiates include illicit drugs like heroin, as well as prescription opiates like Oxycontin, morphine, and Codeine. Unfortunately, taking opiates regularly, even as prescribed, can lead to physical and psychological addiction. When prescription opiates are diverted to black…

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What are Benzos?

What are Benzos and how can you develop an addiction

Benzodiazepine abuse is increasing and can pose serious risks for users. But, what are benzos? Benzodiazepines are a prescription medication that commonly treat conditions such as anxiety disorders. Roughly 5% of Americans are prescribed benzodiazepines, such as Xanax, Valium and Ativan and nearly 10% of Americans have abused or become addicted to benzos. Emergency rooms…

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