Types Of Psychotherapy Used in Addiction Treatment

a male and female use sticky notes and explore the different types of psychotherapy

Substance addiction is a complex problem. There is no quick fix for the many issues revolving around addiction. It’s a crisis that often disrupts families, homes, and communities. Detox is an important first step, but therapy brings things to the inner core of the problem. Several types of psychotherapy are instrumental in healing the disease of substance abuse. Finding a talk therapy program in Kemah TX is a crucial first step.

What is Psychotherapy?

In simple terms, psychotherapy is a talk therapy program. This means you have sessions with a therapist and talk about your issues and problems. This differs from medication therapy or experiential therapy, which do not rely on talking as the primary method to get to the core of the problem.

What Are the Different Types of Psychotherapy?

Different types of psychotherapy exist in the format that you do as well as the method. The different formats of psychotherapy include:

  • Individual psychotherapy—provides a one on one setting.
  • Family psychotherapy—provides sessions for your family and loved ones.
  • Group psychotherapy—allows you to do therapy with others in a similar situation.

In addition to the format of psychotherapy, you have a variety of styles such as the following:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

The foundation for cognitive behavioral therapy is that behavior is shaped by our moods, which, in turn, is shaped by the way we think. Therefore, if you have negative thinking patterns, you will inadvertently feel bad and make wrong choices. This therapy helps people change their deep-rooted negative thinking.

Dialectical behavioral therapy

The focus of dialectical behavioral therapy is to help you learn techniques to manage painful emotions and challenging relationships. In addition, it helps you face stressful events without avoidance.

Acceptance and commitment therapy

When you participate in this psychotherapy, you will discover the value of accepting your emotions, responses, and feelings, yet, at the same time, be willing to commit to change necessary parts of your life.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy

This therapy is an extension of cognitive behavioral therapy. It works to eliminate negative thinking but it also implements mindfulness-based techniques such as yoga therapy programs.

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