What Is Rehab Like for Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

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If you are considering treatment for yourself or a loved one, you might wonder, “What is rehab like?” The answer depends on the type of program you undergo. Kemah Palms offers a variety of treatment options to meet your unique set of recovery needs. Our chronic pain recovery program is specially designed to support patients who suffer from chronic pain. If you’re asking “what is inpatient rehab like?”, read below to find out!

What Is Rehab Like?

If you have abused drugs for a long time, it’s critical to begin your road to recovery. Many people find they need to learn an entirely new way to live what most would consider a “normal” life free from the cycle of addiction. Residential treatment can be compared to a more relaxed stay at a hospital. Counselors will likely ask you to commit to at least 30 days at a treatment center. This allows you sufficient time for the new healthy habits to begin to feel more natural. If you have a more deeply-rooted addiction, counselors at an inpatient rehab center in Kemah, TX, may recommend longer-term treatment with stays ranging from 90 days up to a full year.

While participating in a residential program, you will enjoy a space completely free from the influences that may have contributed to your drug abuse. During the course of your inpatient rehab treatment, you can participate in therapy sessions, which allow counselors to identify damaging patterns and help you correct them over time. You can also learn how to practice discipline and responsible decision-making. The residential setting allows you to learn essential life skills without interference or temptation from the outside.

Addiction Therapy Services

A good treatment center understands that every patient is an individual, and they should have an individualized approach to treatment. They should also use therapy practices that are long-established and proven. The style of therapy that may work well for one person may not necessarily work as well for another. Therefore, you and your counselors have options when it comes to finding the right combination that will work best for you. There are several different styles of therapy, including:

Alternative Therapies

In addition to more clinical therapies, there are also an array of creative and holistic activities to support you and build confidence in the recovery process. If you experience chronic pain, you might elect to try acupuncture therapy along with arthritis, neck pain, or back pain treatment options, depending on the nature of the physical pain. You can also get treatment for complex regional pain syndrome. Other holistic therapies include massage therapy, nutritional therapy, meditation, and neurofeedback.

Activity-based therapies include writing therapy, psychodrama therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, and narrative medicine therapy. Counselors use these therapeutic techniques to work with you to reconstruct the way you view yourself and rewrite your stories to help you envision a life of wellness and full recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment At Kemah Palms

At Kemah Palms, we offer several program structures, including a residential treatment program, partial hospitalization program, and an intensive outpatient program. We offer onsite medically-supported detox when needed and an aftercare program for when you have completed treatment. If you suffer from a condition that causes chronic pain, every element of day-to-day life may become a challenge. Therefore, you may be interested in enrolling in our residential treatment program. Our residential program takes place at our inpatient rehab center in Kemah, TX.

Modern Rehab Center in Kemah, TX

If you are seeking substance abuse and addiction treatment options for yourself or a loved one, our rehab center in Kemah, TX offers a comprehensive selection of services for people from all walks of life. To learn more about how you can take the first step toward your life of recovery, contact Kemah Palms today today. Our compassionate counselors will help you determine the best type of program to meet your needs.