What Makes Drugs Addictive?

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Drug addiction is a serious concern in the world today with millions of people suffering from this troubling condition. Whether minor or severe, addiction can be very damaging to anyone’s life — even the family members of those who are suffering. If you or somebody you know is suffering from addiction, then you should contact a trusted recovery center that can help to get your life back on track. Located in Kemah, TX, Kemah Palms Recovery® is here to help. Our experienced and caring team of addiction treatment experts can help you understand what makes drugs addictive and how they can grab ahold of peoples’ lives. We know the road to recovery and we can help you realize the true beauty of life without the use of drugs. From our 12-step recovery program to our drug addiction treatment therapy, we have the solutions you need.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a chronic disease that involves a user who can’t seem to stop abusing a drug. This abuse is generally difficult to control, and the addict may continue to use the drug even after harmful consequences. Continued drug use makes decision-making harder, and brain changes from the drug can affect self-control and the ability to fight urges. These changes can be very persistent, which is why many addicts return to drug use after quitting.

What Makes Drugs Addictive?

The leading reason why drugs are addictive is the effects they have on the brain. In addition, drugs have a different impact on different people, so some users may have a harder time limiting their drug use than others. Many drugs also affect the “reward circuit” of the user. This causes euphoria by flooding the brain with dopamine. When a reward system is working properly, it will motivate a person to continue behaviors like eating, making money, and spending time with friends and family. But when the user feels pleasure from unhealthy habits like taking drugs, that reward system also goes to work, which could lead to continued drug use.

As the addicted person continues to use a drug, it leads to the brain adapting to it, which affects that reward system. As the user continues taking the drug, they become more tolerant of it and need more of it to feel high. The more the user uses the drug, the higher their tolerance and the harder it becomes to eliminate that drug from their lifestyle.

How the Brain Changes

The process of addiction involves what happens inside the brain. People generally adopt habitual behaviors, so once they start a habit, it’s hard to break away from it. When that involves addictive drugs, that habit is even harder to break. The person gets so used to the “high” feeling that they crave it and their body feels it’s part of normal life. That changes the brain and affects areas that can impact many facets of our lives. Long-term drug use can affect brain functions such as:

  • Stress
  • Behavior
  • Decision making
  • Judgment
  • Learning
  • Memory

When all these functions are working properly, we can think clearly and live the life we want to live. But when drug use gets in the way, our brains don’t work properly, which can lead to many negative life changes. And if other conditions are affecting you as well as drug addiction, then stepping away from drug use is even more difficult. These are some of the leading answers to what makes drugs addictive.

Are All Drugs Addictive?

You may now be wondering, “Are all drugs addictive?” It’s important to know that addictive substances are the ones that make you feel “high” or make changes to your brain in a certain way. Some drugs don’t have these qualities, so experts don’t classify them as addictive.

Finding Drug Addiction Treatment Near You

Drug addiction is a serious matter that can lead to life-threatening consequences. If an addict doesn’t seek help quickly, they can go down a spiraling hole that is hard to emerge from. If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction, Kemah Palms has the trusted drug addiction treatments you can depend on. In fact, many people believe we offer the very best drug addiction treatment Kemah, TX provides. To get your life back on track and kick your drug use for good, call Kemah Palms today today.