I Can’t Stop Binge Drinking

a man with his head down holds a drink and wonders when does binge drinking become a problem

How close to alcoholism is someone who has an occasional problem with excessive drinking? It’s a relevant question because of the possible implications of the answer. If someone has a habit of binge drinking, they or someone around them need to think about the ramifications of such actions. In far too many cases, the drinker will take the position they have no problem, they can handle their drinking. An astute individual will see it as something much more significant.

What is Binge Drinking?

To begin with, drinking and having a good time are perfectly acceptable methods of socialization. When someone has difficulty controlling the amount they drink, too much drinking can create escalating problems. By definition, binge drinking is the act of drinking too much in a short period, often ending in blackouts or severe inebriation.

The question quickly becomes, “when does binge drinking become a problem?” The answer to that question depends on a lot of factors, but mainly the frequency of occurrence. In the next section, we will examine the answer to that question a little closer.

When Does Binge Drinking Become a Problem?

It would be hard to justify saying someone who intermittently drinks too much alcohol has a problem. Even the most responsible individuals can fall prey when doing shots or drinking beers. The onset of a real problem comes from somewhere much more profound.

If someone is consistently consuming too much alcohol in a short period, it seems realistic to believe there’s an underlying problem. Here’s a look at some of the reasons you might feel compelled to push the envelop consistently:

  • Attempting to forget problems or escape the reality of life
  • Pressing limits on a mission of self-discovery about tolerance
  • Drinking too much under the disguise of it being fun and exciting
  • A form of rebellion
  • A deliberate attempt at self-destruction

These are all dangerous reasons to over drink. Therefore, doing these things on a consistent basis is exactly how someone ends up in alcohol rehab Houston.

Getting Help When Binge Drinking Becomes Addiction

Of course, someone who consistently drinks too much has to realize there’s a serious problem. Simultaneously, they have to recognize the solution is resides in a top addiction treatment facility like Kemah Palms Recovery®. We get it, and we understand how to address drinking problems. We can do so with one of the following treatment options:

Before you let your binge drinking become a problem, we hope you will realize what’s at stake. Meanwhile, Kemah Palms Recovery® is ready to help you fight an alcohol use disorder. For more information about our services, please contact one of our addiction specialists for help>. Better to fight an excessive drinking problem than an addiction.