Why Go to A Medical Drug Detox

a woman talking to her doctor about medical drug detox

The first step towards recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is going through the medical drug detox process. Detoxification is a critical starting point because it tackles the physical effects of addiction.

A person struggling with the physical symptoms of drug denial cannot effectively tackle the mental triggers or health problems that lead to addiction. Therefore, an effective substance abuse treatment program covers both aspects of addiction treatment.

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What Happens During Detox?

Detoxification is the process through which all traces of the drug are removed from a user’s system until the person is stable physically and can start therapy.

Regular use or abuse of a mind-altering drug rewires the brain. In time, a person craves more and more of the substance to function normally. During detox, the program weans them off the addictive substance gradually, while staff members closely monitor the person’s health. As the brain notices the sudden drop in the chemicals that it is now used to having, the person to experience drug withdrawal symptoms. These unpleasant effects are the body’s attempt to force the user to keep using the addictive drug.

This is where medical drug detox comes in. In a controlled environment, usually a specialized detox center, trained specialists use specific medications to control the withdrawal symptoms you may have during detox.

Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even fatal, depending on the kind of substance you used and how long you’ve been using it. It can be dangerous to detox on your own. As a result, you may have many failed attempts because of the unpleasant symptoms.

Steps of Medically-Assisted Drug or Alcohol Detox

Medical drug detox involves using medications with less harmful effects to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and ease the detox process.
It begins with a thorough medical assessment to create an individualized treatment plan according to their needs. The specialist gathers information such as the patient’s medical history and as many details as possible about their addiction. He or she then uses this information to create a detox plan.

Withdrawal is the next step of medical detox, as the medical experts reduce the level of drugs or alcohol in the patient’s system. The severity and kind of withdrawal symptoms experienced depend on:

  • How long you have been struggling with addiction
  • The type of substance you used
  • How much of it you consumed before detoxing
  • Your general physical and mental health

Because of these factors, everyone’s detox process may go differently. This is why it is critical to have close supervision and medical assistance. A specialist can detect whether or not the course of treatment he//she selected works or if any changes are necessary. This helps the patient go through the least uncomfortable pathway to complete detoxification.

Another advantage of medically-assisted detox is that the specialists prescribe controlled medication to reduce withdrawal symptoms. No medication can eliminate all symptoms, but some medication eases the anxiety, depression, and mental symptoms of withdrawal. They will counteract many of the ill effects and enable a patient to sleep sufficiently.

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