Yoga Therapy for Addiction Treatment in South Houston

Yoga is a popular form of meditation and exercise found around the world. While everyone can benefit from yoga, it can be especially helpful to those eager to overcome an addiction. Using yoga therapy in rehab and beyond can make addiction recovery more comfortable and relapse less likely. Get to know some of the benefits of incorporating yoga into recovery.

Improving Physical Health and Flexibility can Have Positive Impacts on Addiction

Rolled up yoga mat after yoga therapy at drug rehab

One of the most visible benefits of yoga is the improvement of physical fitness. Yoga might look slow and calm, but it requires strength and focus. Enjoying yoga on a regular basis can help clients achieve or maintain a healthy weight, lower blood pressure and improve flexibility.

For many people in the midst of addiction treatment, some forms of exercise can be intimidating. Even if you’re not ready to hit the gym and lift weights, it is easy to try out a beginner’s yoga class. The practice focuses on doing what you can, so it is an excellent introduction to exercise for those in addiction recovery.

Yoga Can Improve Self Confidence for those with Substance Abuse Disorders

It is common for those struggling with addiction to have low self-esteem. Even in recovery, clients might feel disappointed in themselves. Many people feel sad that they let down their friends or family members, and others think addiction was somehow their fault.

As a result, a significant objective of rehab is to increase self-esteem. To move forward in life, clients need to have confidence. Mastering a new hobby like yoga can improve your self-esteem and give you a more positive outlook on yourself. This can make visualizing a successful, sober life easier for the future.

Yoga Encourages Reflection and Self Awareness for Addicts

When you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, there is one primary request your body has–more of your preferred substance. Once you’re sober, you need to relearn signals from your body. Learning when you’re tired, when you’re thirsty and even when you’re hungry can take time. Yoga is a great way to increase self-awareness.

In yoga, there are few distractions. Even if you’re practicing yoga in a group, everyone is looking inward rather than outward. Yoga therapy is a time for reflection, which can mean heightened self-awareness.

Without sounds and people competing for your attention, you can focus on what’s inside. You’ll be able to improve mindfulness in a big way, which is helpful for those in middle of addiction recovery.

Yoga Therapy Improves Energy and Sleep Cycles

Getting the right amount of sleep can be a challenge during recovery. For some clients, it is hard to fall asleep or stay asleep each night. Others may feel very tired and sleep for 10 or even 12 hours a night, but still not feel rested the next day.

Yoga therapy works in two ways to improve sleep cycles. To start, it can boost energy. People who practice yoga feel more energized and have more enthusiasm for what lies ahead. Also, yoga can help people combat insomnia and sleep better each night.

Yoga Relieves Stress

Stress is one of the most common causes of relapse. Stress comes in many forms, and it could include financial anxiety, relationship problems or worries about living independently. Feeling fear is reasonable, but being overwhelmed by it could be a setback on the road to recovery.

Fortunately, yoga therapy can help. The physical exercise, meditation, and breathing of yoga can reduce stress significantly. The more you practice yoga, the more likely it is that you’ll feel calm and relaxed each day. Although you can’t get rid of life’s stress altogether, you can learn how to manage it.

Yoga Therapy and Holistic Rehab at Kemah Palms in South Houston

At Kemah Palms, yoga therapy is one of many treatments that can lead to lifelong recovery. Having a wide range of addiction therapy services available is the best way to ensure that clients get the specific, customized care they need. In addition to yoga, popular and effective therapies include:

  • Group therapy
  • Acupuncture therapy
  • Meditation therapy
  • Nutritional support
  • Individual therapy
  • Behavioral therapies

Yoga therapy can play a prominent role in total holistic recovery. If you’re ready to fight back against addiction once and for all, Kemah Palms Recovery® in Texas may be the answer. Call 855-568-0218 to learn more about the path to sobriety.