Am I An Alcoholic?

man struggles with drinking and wonders am i an alcoholic

When a person gets to the point of asking themselves, am I an alcoholic, they probably are. Alcoholism is nothing to be ashamed of; it does not make you a bad person. Identifying problem drinking is one of the most important first steps. Do what you can to take care of the problem and live the life that you were intended to at an alcohol detox program in Kemah, TX.

Am I An Alcoholic?

The new terminology would be, am I suffering from alcohol use disorder? This terminology removes the stigmatization of the word alcoholic and makes it an easier diagnosis for people to handle. People from all backgrounds and walks of life have come to ask themselves this question. Sometimes people find that yes they are, other times they find that they are not, and sometimes people are in denial and do not believe that they have a problem.

Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself to gauge the presence of an alcohol use disorder.

  • Do you regularly drink more than you intend to?
  • Are you unable to cut back on your drinking?
  • Do you spend a lot of time drinking?
  • Do you ever crave alcohol?

Additionally, you can ask:

  • Does alcohol ever interfere in your work or personal relationships?
  • Do you drink regardless of that fact that is causes problems?
  • Have you built a tolerance to alcohol?
  • Do you get bad hangovers after a binge?

If you answered yes to many of these questions, you are likely suffering from an alcohol use disorder. Seeking consultation from an alcohol rehab can help determine the next steps to get you to sobriety.

What is Alcohol Detox Like?

Detoxes on television rarely look like friendly places that you would want to be. This portrayal is incorrect. Most detoxes are nice, safe places that you can go to be kept an eye on and learn about sobriety while you are getting the alcohol out of your system. At Kemah Palms, our medical detox center, located near Houston, Texas, offers top-of-the-line medical care and comfortable facilities to help you through detox.

At detox, you will not have a ton of contact with the outside world. You will not be able to call up a friend and have them bring you a drink. Also, there will be medical staff there to make sure that you detox safely. While you are there, you might participate in more specific treatment programs for your evolving needs. These can include:

Comprehensive addiction treatment guides you through all steps of early recovery. Aftercare and relapse prevention planning guide your long-term support.

Finding a Detox Center

Now that you have answered the question am I an alcoholic, you may be looking for a detox center in the Houston area. Kemah Palms offers detoxing services and alcohol addiction treatment in Kemah, TX. Give us a call today today to start your journey to sobriety.