Recognizing the Symptoms of Alcoholism


Don’t underestimate the danger of alcohol. Although it’s a legal drug and ridiculously easy to buy, it carries a high addiction potential. Are you currently struggling with the symptoms of alcoholism? Here’s how you can find out.

Don’t Let Definitions Trick You into a False Sense of Security

When talking about the symptoms of alcoholism, many people refer to the end stage of an alcohol abuse. It’s easy to look at these signs and compare yourself favorably. However, did you know that alcoholism isn’t actually a medical term? In fact, an alcohol use disorder is a condition with gradually worsening symptoms.

Noticing the Symptoms of Alcoholism

As a result, you might be struggling with signs of the disorder right now and not even know it. Symptoms start small. Initially, you limit excessive drinking to weekends or special occasions. You might binge when you’re out with friends.

That said, most binges end with intoxication, blackouts, and subsequent hangovers. Next, you’ll notice that you can drink more and not show signs of drunkenness. Your friends might comment on your ability to hold your liquor. In reality, your body is developing a tolerance to the drug, which is another symptom.

Gradually, you drink to excess during the week, too. Because you spend a lot of time recovering from hangovers, your job performance suffers. People living with you might comment on your habits. You shrug them off.

Similarly, you begin to engage in risky behaviors which is another of the symptoms of alcoholism. You have unprotected sex or drive after drinking. You get into fights. Maybe you start having legal problems.

Finally, you reach a day when you notice your hands shaking. You realize that only a drink will make the tremors stop. You no longer drink socially. It’s now a matter of survival. Unless you start alcoholism treatment, this drug could kill you.

How Treatment Helps You Overcome an Alcohol Use Disorder

At a rehab facility, you work with caring therapists who understand what you’re going through. You don’t have to look for the best alcoholism treatment center in South Houston when nearby Kemah provides a cutting-edge facility. Treatment includes:

  • An alcohol detox program that protects your physiological health and helps with cravings control
  • Residential addiction treatment program that lets you live at the facility and immerse yourself in the caring environment
  • Psychotherapy as a means for uncovering why you drink and how to develop healthier coping skills
  • Trauma treatment that benefits program participants with unresolved situations that influence alcohol abuse
  • Family therapy, which brings in loved ones for healing and strengthening

Part of good-quality care is the availability of a transitional living program. It lets you try out sobriety with one foot in society and one in a supervised setting. Due to the availability of therapists, many program participants find it easier to re-enter society in this way. Most importantly, it lets them practice active sobriety in a safe environment.

If you detect one or more symptoms of alcoholism in yourself or a loved one, it’s time to get help. At Kemah Palms Recovery®, caring therapists want to help. Call 855-568-0218. Today is the day to get sober.