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Chronic Pain Recovery Program

The goal of the chronic pain recovery program at Kemah Palms Recovery is to allow our clients to put the control of their pain where it belongs—under their control. We provide clinical interventions and coping skills which allow clients the ability to experience increased pain relief without the use of high-risk pain medications or alcohol.

Kemah Palms Recovery Combines Holistic and Practical Methods to Help You Heal

Kemah Palms Recovery Joint Commission Accreditation

Kemah Palms Recovery treats each day as a promise to the future, not as a consequence of the past. Located in Texas, Kemah Palms Recovery strives to create the highest quality addiction and co-occurring disorders program available. We combine the most comprehensive evidence-based treatment with personalized service to treat the mind, body, and spirit.

Addiction Treatment Options in Houston

Chronic Pain Recovery at Kemah Palms Recovery
Chronic Pain Recovery Program

Our Chronic Pain Recovery Program is designed to substantially reduce or eliminate your pain without the use of addictive medications, and reduce the levels of depression and anxiety that typically accompany chronic pain.

Detoxification at Kemah Palms Recovery
Houston Detox Programs

At our Houston detox center, our professional team closely monitors the safety, comfort, and the reduction of withdrawal symptoms of individuals.

Addiction Treatment Modalities at Kemah Palms Recovery
Addiction Treatment Modalities

Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by our use of various diverse addiction treatment modalities and therapies facilitated by our skilled, compassionate staff.

Residential Addiction Treatment at Kemah Palms Recovery
Residential Addiction Treatment Program

Our Residential Addiction Treatment Program is the highest and most comprehensive level of care that we provide at Kemah Palms, and it focuses on both the physical and emotional stabilization of the client.

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Kemah Palms Recovery Joint Commission Accreditation

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Kemah Palms Recovery treats each day as a promise to the future, not as a consequence of the past. Contact Kemah Palms Recovery today to being recovery treatment.

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