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At Kemah Palms Recovery® we treat each day as a promise to the future, not as a
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Amongst the best Rehabs in Houston, our top rated facility was founded with the goal of creating the highest quality addiction

and co-occurring disorders programs available in Texas and nationwide.

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Kemah Palms Recovery®

Kemah Palms Recovery® strives to create the highest quality addictions and co-occurring disorders program available, combining the most comprehensive evidence-based treatment with personalized service to treat the mind, body, and spirit.



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The Impact of Routine on Recovery

It is pivot to understand the role that routine plays in the journey of addiction recovery. Routine provides structure, stability, and predictability, offering individuals a roadmap for navigating the challenges of sobriety. Let’s explore the profound impact of routine on the recovery process, examining its significance in fostering resilience, promoting well-being, and supporting long-term sobriety.…
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Fitness and Sobriety: A Dual Path to Wellness

In recent years, the integration of fitness and sobriety has emerged as a powerful synergy in the realm of addiction recovery. This integration represents a holistic approach to wellness that recognizes the profound connection between physical health and sobriety. By intertwining fitness activities with the journey of recovery, individuals embark on a path of transformation…
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Eating Well to Recover Well: The Role of Nutrition in Healing

Eating Well to Recover Well: The Role of Nutrition in Healing Proper nutrition plays a vital role in supporting the body’s natural healing processes, especially during recovery from surgery or injury. The food we eat provides essential nutrients that fuel cellular repair, boost immune function, and promote overall wellness. In particular, minerals and vitamins for…
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