National CRPS Awareness Month


It’s hard to fathom how difficult it must be to deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. Most of us know how it feels to stub a toe, but taking that pain to the nth degree is unimaginable. Most of the time, we’re lucky painkillers exist to give us temporary relief from pain issues. Unfortunately, those same painkillers can become deadly if addiction comes into play. That’s something that comes to light every year during National CRPS Awareness Month.

What Is CRPS?

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, is a chronic pain condition. Scientists know very little about this condition, though they believe the cause of the condition could be a malfunction in the central nervous system. Other than chronic pain, the disorder also carries other side effects like changes in skin color and swelling in the affected areas. Some people also experience a rise in body temperature.

For the most part, the pain that comes with CRPS occurs in the extremities, namely the arms, legs, hands, and feet. Additionally, scientists believe the condition is usually prompted by an injury along the spinal cord. The medical profession defines chronic pain as intense pain that lasts at least six months. Kemah Palms has a chronic pain recovery program that helps.

About National CRPS Awareness Month

Over the past 20+ years, every state has signed on to sponsor National CRPS Awareness Month. Advocates for finding a cure first introduced this concept to bring awareness about this savage condition to people across the country. Collectively, sponsors have designated November as National CRPS Awareness Month. The awareness color for this concept is orange.

Beyond creating awareness, sponsors ask that volunteers take time to help people afflicted with this horrible condition. Every day, scientists are moving closer to a cure. Until then, patients are left to deal with this condition by taking prescription painkillers. When the treatment goes wrong, and addiction comes to bare, Kemah Palms Recovery® stands ready with our complex regional pain syndrome treatment in South Houston TX.

More About Kemah Palms Recovery®

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a full range of addiction treatment modalities. That includes everything from detox, all the way through access to aftercare programs. As for treatment, we use a custom mix of both traditional and holistic approaches. We also advocate for Dr. Flowers and his video teachings about chronic pain recovery. Our list of treatment modalities includes:

If you are dealing with chronic pain issues and heading towards addiction, we can offer help. As part of National CRPS Awareness Month, we would like to bring you in and evaluate your current circumstances. For more information, please call Kemah Palms Recovery®. You can reach one of our professional staff members at 855-568-0218.