Having a Happy and Sober St. Patrick’s Day

woman dressed as leprechaun ready to have a sober st patricks day

St. Patrick’s Day was originally a religious holiday, but in modern times, many people have focused heavily on the drinking aspect of the holiday. Though there’s nothing wrong with a boisterous St. Patrick’s Day party, the drinking culture that surrounds the holiday can make things tough for people in recovery. If you want to have a sober St. Patrick’s Day, it may take some careful planning. Fortunately, there are all sorts of great ways to enjoy the holiday without having a drink. Read our sober holiday survival guide below to learn more!

Host a Sober St. Patrick’s Day Party

If you are worried about being around others while they drink, stay home to have a sober St. Patrick’s day. Consider inviting over some friends to help you with sober holiday survival. A party can be an excellent way to get in the holiday spirit while avoiding temptation. Invite all your guests to wear green, and decorate with green streamers, pots of gold, and other cute designs. If you want, you can even create tasty, alcohol-free punches or mocktails with lime sherbet, lemon-lime soda, and other tasty ingredients.

Explore Irish Heritage

Whether or not you have Irish ancestry yourself, the holiday can be an excellent time to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Irish people. Consider picking up a good book or documentary about Irish heritage and settling in for the evening to explore it. You can also have fun by making some classic Irish food. Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and Irish soda bread are all traditional St. Patrick’s Day foods that you may want to make. If you have friends or family to celebrate with you, you can even work on learning some classic Irish dances or songs.

Take Part in a Community Event

You may have been struggling too much with addiction to notice them in the past years, but most communities host all sorts of fun, sober St. Patrick’s Day events. Check with local libraries, community centers, and organizations to see what they are doing. Recovery centers and 12-step groups may also host events specifically for those who want a sober holiday. Getting out of the house for a St. Patrick’s Day dance, St. Patrick’s themed bingo, or a parade can let you celebrate with everyone else while avoiding environments that could pressure you to drink.

Avoiding Relapse Triggers During Your Sober St. Patrick’s Day

Even after going through alcohol addiction treatment, we know it can be hard to have a sober St. Patrick’s Day. For some, it is easier to stay at home and avoid mentions of the holiday while others may want to go out and distract themselves to avoid feeling bored or lonely. Whatever your plan for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, it is also a good idea to have plans for what you will do if you are tempted to relapse. You may want to consider talking to an adviser, scheduling an extra therapy session, or attending a 12-step group meeting on St. Patrick’s Day. Remember that these sorts of feelings are completely normal, so it is okay to reach out to others for help. Having support and care from others during this difficult time can be an important part of sober holiday survival.

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