You Can Recover from Addiction and Anxiety

woman suffering from addiction and anxiety

Addiction and anxiety commonly go hand-in-hand. Many people suffer the chronic problems of anxiety, the crippling fear that limits your life and holds you hostage to specific places, things or moments in time. Turning to drugs or alcohol possibly helped you feel better early in your substance abuse. But now you need real help to recover from these two problems, help you gain in quality treatment in Texas.

Why Addiction and Anxiety Go Hand-In-Hand

Anxiety limits your life. But few people understand anxiety’s tiring, choking, panicking and stifling feelings until they suffer the symptoms, themselves. Most people experiencing this common mental health problem feel isolated, fearful and misunderstood, at best. This is why many turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with their growing anxiety.

Of course, abusing drugs or alcohol leads to addiction. When coupled, addiction and your anxiety create a cycle like a vacuum in your life. You self-medicate to avoid anxiety and yet your drinking or using drugs seems to create more anxiety. The sequence is maddening, and others likely do not understand the full extent of its hold on your life.

Where Addiction and Anxiety End

There is no positive outcome for people who self-medicate anxiety, without the right help. This help comes in the form of a quality treatment program designed for people with substance abuse and anxiety issues. Just like many people with chronic pain start abusing opioids, you are not alone in self-medication of your mental health disorder. You merely need the right help for both problems at once, to learn how to cope with your symptoms.

A Houston dual diagnosis treatment center focuses on your mental health and addiction recovery needs at the same time. This hope and healing start with medically supervised detox, where your body cleans the drugs or alcohol from your system for your first steps into sobriety and the life you truly want.

Other levels of care you need beyond medically supervised addiction detox include:

With the right help, at no point in your treatment or recovery from anxiety and addiction do you find yourself alone. Instead, you gain the understanding, education, coping skills and support you need to live a healthy life without substance abuse or life-limiting anxiety.

Finding Texas Anxiety Treatment for People with Addiction

Near Houston, quality addiction and anxiety treatment take place at Kemah Palms Recovery® in Kemah, Texas. Kemah Palms Recovery®’s quality programs suit your individual needs, forging a clear path from your anxiety and addiction lows to the best days of your life in real recovery. Call Kemah Palms Recovery® now for help> to learn more about what you need for your own better life. Start that recovery today.