Chronic Pain

Two people learning how to help an addict

How to Help a Drug Addict Get the Treatment They Need

Addiction is more prevalent than ever. There are many people who are battling an addiction and trying to hide it from their friends and family. This can be due to shame or simply because they don’t know how to stop using on their own. It can be hard to know how to help an addict…

glass of alcohol on table while man sleeps on his arms on table wondering is alcoholism is disease

Is Alcoholism a Disease?

One of the most debated questions, “Is Alcoholism a Disease?” continues to be a topic that treatment professionals and scientists explore regularly. There is a lot of confusion about the term disease and what that means in addiction. This confusion can affect your decision to visit an alcohol addiction treatment center in Kemah TX. However, if you…

man wondering about methadone detox

Heroin Addiction and Methadone Detox

Heroin is a very dangerous and addictive painkiller. It’s relatively cheap to buy, so people who develop an opiate addiction switch to it to save money. However, they can still spend hundreds of dollars a day to maintain their habit. Those with heroin addiction could save their lives and money if they enter a methadone…

a man happy he can undergo pain management techniques

Pain Management Techniques

Many drug addictions begin from a prescription to painkillers. They develop an addiction while taking doctor-prescribed opiates trying to treat their pain from medical procedures. Pain takes many people into the darkness of opiate addiction. If you or someone you love suffer chronic pain and painkiller addiction, you need the right help for both of…

therapist and client discuss what is psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy and Can It Help Addiction Recovery?

Most people struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol have factors that led them to addiction. Aside from genetic risk factors, you may be struggling with other issues that make you keep turning to drugs and alcohol. The biopsychosocial model of addiction aims to help treat the whole person when it comes to the…

Map of the US and with pills scattered on it showing the Opioid Epidemic

What Caused the Opioid Epidemic and How to Meet Its Challenges

Each year, tens of thousands of people die due to the opioid epidemic. For each person who dies from an overdose, there are hundreds more who survive because of the lifesaving medication Narcan. Although most first responders now carry this overdose-reversal medication, we need solutions to help people who are struggling with an opioid addiction….

Learn how to relieve neck pain without drugs

How to Relieve Neck Pain Without Drugs

Using opiates to treat neck pain is risky business, and it is not a viable long-term solution. People quickly become addicted to these medicines, and they can hinder people from living a full and happy life. People wonder how to relieve neck pain without the use of addictive chemicals, but have a hard time finding…

man wondering about alcohol withdrawal timeline

What is a Typical Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline?

Would it surprise you to know the possibility of alcohol withdrawal acts as a deterrent for some people wanting help? It’s true. Some people choose to keep drinking instead of having to deal with harsh alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In reality, alcohol withdrawal does have the potential of causing problems. Just the same, that should never…

trauma and gambling addiction

Trauma and Gambling Addiction

This presentation is on trauma and problematic gambling presented by Joanne Ketch, LPC, LMFAO, DC and SAP. Joanne Ketch is an LPC, LMS, LCD and a SAP, or Rdsap. Jane is a multi credentialed clinician serving professionals, medical staff, first responders and military, and Katy, Texas. This is an encore career for Joanne, and since…

doctors looking at a pill bottle, science behind addiction

The Science Behind Addiction

The Science Behind Addiction The science behind addiction involves a condition where something that was once pleasurable becomes indispensable to your daily life. Drug addiction is an overwhelming desire, uncontrollable use, and then compulsive use. Addiction also includes continuing to use a drug despite any repeated or harmful consequences. People use drugs for many reasons….

man suffering form the opioid crisis

Is There Really an Opioid Crisis?

Throughout US history, the country has seen various addiction issues come and go. The one crisis that never seems to go away is the opioid crisis. Is the crisis real? It’s nearly impossible to open a newspaper or information website without seeing the bad news. Above all, teens and adults alike are literally dying because…

The Will to Recover from Addiction

In recognition of July’s status as Independence Day month, our next several posts will focus on the theme of freedom and the will to recover. Like all major life changes, freedom from addiction is easier to dream of than to achieve. Anyone can wish for a better life; relatively few are willing to work for it. It’s…