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What is Step 10 of the 12 Step Program?

Step 10 of the 12 Steps: We continued to take personal inventory, and, when we were wrong, promptly admitted it. Like it or not, recovery from addiction isn’t something you can do once and cross off your bucket list. We all get hungry again after eating, tired again after sleeping, dirty again after showering, flabby…

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Preparing for Detox Treatment

Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction may be hard, but it is gratifying in the end. Once you have committed to that decision, the next step is signing up for a detox and rehabilitation program. Before a medical detox treatment takes place, many newcomers feel intimidated about what to expect. They shouldn’t be. When you…

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Should You Choose a Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Center?

What Is a Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Center? While many rehab centers have the necessary resources to help clients recover. A faith-based addiction treatment program in Texas will help clients plug into a higher power. This type of recovery program focuses on restoring your relationship with God as the center simultaneously treats you for your addiction….

Growing Pains in Addiction Recovery

For some, recovery from chronic substance abuse is a straightforward matter of tossing away the bottle, going cold turkey for a few days, and then returning to the old normal life. The former abuser who finds things so simple is the exception, though. Most substance-abuse problems start with a desire to escape the “old normal”…

You’re Not Invincible from Relapse

“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” -Holy Bible, New International Version, 1 Corinthians 10:12 Initial detox from chemical dependence is exhilarating. You feel better—physically, mentally, and emotionally—than you have in years. Anything seems possible. You believe wholeheartedly that “I’ll never go back to that old misery!” You believe you’re immune to relapse….

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Step-By-Step Alcohol Detox in South Houston

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s time to take action. Alcohol detox in South Houston may be the answer you need. The first step is finding a qualified and experienced team of medical professionals who can help.  Alcohol detox in South Houston can be a difficult process for anyone….

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Are Support Groups Really Important for Addiction Recovery?

Addiction is an isolating disease. It causes people to withdraw from others. In contrast, recovery is a group effort. Support groups are an integral part of an effective aftercare program. During addiction treatment, it can be helpful to hear about the stories of others. Knowing you are not alone can make going through recovery a…

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Are You in Denial? How to Recognize Substance Abuse

There’s nothing worse than having friends or family who recognize substance abuse nagging you to change… except for having a little voice in your own head suggesting that the “nags” may have a point. When it seems that everyone you were close to is changing for the worse—because so many people are hinting or saying…

What is Step 6 of the 12 Steps Program?

Step Six of the 12 Steps: We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character. “All these defects of character” refers to, of course, all the “wrongs” that came out privately in Step Four and were confessed in Step Five of the 12 Steps. In the relief of getting things out in…

Addiction Temptations During Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend is here—and though few school districts now save their “first days” for the week after, we still see this as the opening of the fall season. Traditionally, Labor Day was the last day for sporting ladies’ white shoes before closeting them until the following summer. Now, we anticipate an imminent sales surge…

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Overcoming Codependency in Addiction Recovery

Has someone told you that you’re codependent, or do you suspect that you might have this problem? The chances are that you do if you are looking into it. Overcoming codependency is essential in having successful relationships and preventing relapses if you are seeking treatment for substance abuse. Overcoming Codependency and Addiction Codependency and addiction are…

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Types Of Psychotherapy Used in Addiction Treatment

Substance addiction is a complex problem. There is no quick fix for the many issues revolving around addiction. It’s a crisis that often disrupts families, homes, and communities. Detox is an important first step, but therapy brings things to the inner core of the problem. Several types of psychotherapy are instrumental in healing the disease…