Treatment Modalities

a doctor explaining to a woman what is therapeutic recreation

How is Therapeutic Recreation Used in Addiction Recovery?

When it comes to treating substance addiction, there is a wide range of treatment options. In this day and age, addiction treatment facilities like Kemah Palms Recovery® prefer to use modern treatment techniques. This might include everything from a holistic approach to healing all the way through the scientific method approach. One of the most…

woman with thousand yard stare wondering is my addiction bad enough for rehab

Is My Addiction Bad Enough for Rehab?

Have you been struggling with chronic pain and substance addiction? Have you asked yourself “Is my addiction bad enough for rehab?” or “do I need rehab?” Perhaps you worry that dealing with your addiction to painkillers could result in elevated levels of pain. Fortunately, there are more techniques, procedures, and coping skills available to manage…

during addiction treatment group participants discuss most commonly abused drugs

Most Commonly Abused Street Drugs

Close to 10% of the United States population has experienced some form of a substance abuse problem. Alcohol and drugs are common in communities across the country. Knowing the most commonly abused drugs can help you identify substance abuse issues in yourself or a loved one. In turn, this can help you find appropriate treatment…

woman sitting on a couch thinking about detoxing at home

A Guide to Detoxing at Home

Many cases of drug addiction come from a need to self-medicate due to a painful physical condition. Do you suffer from back pains, neck strain, knee discomfort, or some other issue that has you in agony? Sometimes, you get to a place where you will take or do anything to get rid of some of…

woman reflects on the question is addiction a disease

Is Addiction a Disease?

If you are familiar with addiction, you may have heard addiction referred to as a disease. But why is addiction a disease? Addiction involves complex changes to your pleasure and reward center and interferes with your brain’s ability to produce and release the proper amounts of neurotransmitters. Like other mental health disorders, addiction results in changes…

intravenous drug use houston

Drug Detox in Houston: The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve been struggling with addiction for years and you finally decide to put an end to it. It sounds like a good idea in your head, but when you try to go through with it, things get difficult. Suddenly, the withdrawal symptoms set in and you want nothing more than for them to stop….

a group therapy session discussing what is rehab

What is Rehab?

Millions of Americans suffer from alcohol use disorder and the number seems to increase every day. Many people do not seek out the help that they need for their alcoholism. The ones that do often do not know where to start. you have been struggling with alcohol addiction, you probably have a lot of questions….

best houston opiate rehab clinic

Opioid Treatment Program in Houston: Healing from Addiction

One of the most important things in life is to be able to live without pain and addiction. Opioid treatment programs in South Houston offer a variety of ways for you to heal from addiction and get your life back on track.  This blog post will go over some of the pros and cons that…

a man with his head down holds a drink and wonders when does binge drinking become a problem

I Can’t Stop Binge Drinking

How close to alcoholism is someone who has an occasional problem with excessive drinking? It’s a relevant question because of the possible implications of the answer. If someone has a habit of binge drinking, they or someone around them need to think about the ramifications of such actions. In far too many cases, the drinker…

a doctor explaining to a woman what is therapeutic recreation

The Power of Art and Music in Recovery

In the journey of addiction recovery, exploring alternative modalities like art and music therapy can offer profound healing opportunities. These creative outlets provide individuals with unique ways to express themselves, process emotions, and cultivate mindfulness. By delving into the therapeutic benefits of art therapy, individuals can unlock new pathways to self-discovery and inner healing. The…

therapist and client discuss what is psychotherapy

What is Psychotherapy and Can It Help Addiction Recovery?

Most people struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol have factors that led them to addiction. Aside from genetic risk factors, you may be struggling with other issues that make you keep turning to drugs and alcohol. The biopsychosocial model of addiction aims to help treat the whole person when it comes to the…

covid and substance abuse

What Are Side Effects of Xanax?

Benzodiazepines are prescription medications used to treat conditions related to anxiety. Due to their calming effect, benzodiazepines like Xanax are highly effective in treating symptoms related to anxiety and panic attack disorders. Unfortunately, because the effects of Xanax are so powerful, the medication is prone to abuse. Xanax is one of the most prescribed medications…