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a former addict finding a job after recovery

Tips for Finding a Job After Recovery From an Addiction

Finding a job after recovery is something that plays a significant role. Reducing the likeliness of relapse after leaving rehab. For many individuals, entering rehab for several months at a time will require them to put their careers on hold. Others choose to have a fresh start by making a career change. Whatever the reason,…

a man talking to his doctor about dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas

Excellent Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Texas

Far too often, addiction problems become intertwined with psychological issues. This poses some unique challenges for the addict who decides to reach out for help. It also creates problems for the people who stand ready to offer that help. We direct your focus towards dual diagnosis treatment centers in Texas and the process of treating…

man in therapy circle knows what is rehab like

What Is Rehab Like for Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

If you are considering treatment for yourself or a loved one, you might wonder, “What is rehab like?” The answer depends on the type of program you undergo. Kemah Palms offers a variety of treatment options to meet your unique set of recovery needs. Our chronic pain recovery program is specially designed to support patients…

woman wonders how to recognize substance abuse

Are You in Denial? How to Recognize Substance Abuse

There’s nothing worse than having friends or family who recognize substance abuse nagging you to change… except for having a little voice in your own head suggesting that the “nags” may have a point. When it seems that everyone you were close to is changing for the worse—because so many people are hinting or saying…

therapy group discusses symptoms of a panic attack vs an anxiety attack

Addiction Help: Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack

People often wonder what is a panic attack vs anxiety attack. The terms are very similar, and symptoms can often look like each other. However, both often indicate the presence of an underlying mental health disorder. Left untreated, symptoms from these disorders can quickly become debilitating and affect your daily life. Treating underlying emotions with…

therapy circle with people putting arms around each others shoulders, healthcare professional addiction treatment center kemah tx

A Healthcare Professional Addiction Treatment Center in Kemah, TX

Benefits of a Healthcare Professional Addiction Treatment Center in Kemah, TX Addiction affects every aspect of your life, including your mental state and your physical health. When you’re ready to seek help, make sure that your treatment center addresses both your body and your mind. You need the expertise of a healthcare professional addiction treatment…

a man practicing holistic approach

Holistic Approach to Addiction Recovery

The body has interdependent parts that affect each other. Because of that, physical pain can trigger mental distress, and emotional stress can lead to anxiety and insomnia. These are all common issues that people face when they have an addiction. Taking a holistic approach to recovery addresses every aspect of their health to help them…

a group bringing their hands together at a teen rehab center in kemah

Addiction Recovery for Teens: Choosing a Teen Rehab Center in Kemah

Any teen can be at risk of developing a substance use disorder. Parents of teens that are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse should take action immediately to this treat addiction as soon as possible. While teens begin abusing substances for multiple reasons, they often can’t see the destruction that they are causing in their…

white man on bed wondering how to get off opioids

How to Get Off Opioids

Codeine, fentanyl, and oxycodone are common opioids. You might receive them as prescriptions from your doctor. Maybe you started using them in an off-label way for the high. Now, you need help figuring out how to get off opioids. Find a Facility That Has a Chronic Pain Care Program A good-quality opioid addiction treatment center…

man practices mindfulness for addiction recovery

How to Combat Addiction with Mindfulness

“Mindfulness creates space around our pain” (Kemah Palms CEO James Flowers). Mindfulness reduces the desperate feeling that instant relief is everything and self-medication is the easiest option. Being mindful lessens cravings, decrease tension, and tame the attitudes that feed unhealthy habits. Mindfulness is, at heart, a way of accepting oneself and the way things are….

a man talking to his doctor about best pain management doctors

The Rehab with the Best Pain Management Doctors

When you started taking painkillers, you did not expect to suffer addiction on top of your chronic pain. You merely wanted help from the best pain management doctors in TX. You received a prescription and started taking your pain pills. At first, these pills helped with your pain, but soon you found yourself struggling with…

two women meeting in one of the heroin rehab centers in texas

How to Find Heroin Rehab Centers in Texas

Many possible paths take people to the same problem of heroin addiction. For many, heroin takes the place of medications no longer available for chronic pain issues. For others, heroin is the mental escape many people seek from trauma or other psychological problems. Whether you suffered physical or mental pain that led you to heroin,…